Thursday, June 14, 2012

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Cucumbers in season are the most refreshing, tasty, versatile and amazing vegetable. Everyone likes them and you can eat them as they are, with all kinds of salads and create
Stir fry dishes, using them cooked, or pickled in all kinds of ways.

Cucumbers as cosmetics are wonderful cleaners, terrific as a tonic and soothing as pads over tired eyes. I always used grated cucumbers, skins and all, with a little cooled boiled water, in a blender as a face cleaner for teenagers. . It cleanses blocked pores and infected pimples and black heads. Keep it in a bottle in the fridge for a day. When you lie down for a nap, use a thick piece of cucumber skin over the eye area and rest for ten minutes. The eyes will feel cool, relaxed and refreshed. I use grated cucumber mixed with a teaspoon of yeast and a few drops of water, as a face mask. Great and the skin
feels fresh and cleansed.

CUCUMBER, CARROT, TOMATO, KOLRABI AND RED PEPPERS….FUN SALAD Take two of each and wash and cube all into tiny squares with that fancy chopper. You only have to peel the kohlrabi. I put this into a bowl and add two tablespoons of sunflower seeds and a generous dressing of olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice.
It is a filling and a fresh bowl of goodness. You can grate goat or feta cheese on it and crushed pecans and walnuts on the salad.


This is instant and easy. Take one yogurt per person. You need a cucumber, salt, pepper, mint leaves and chopped dill.. Place all in a blender and serve in a soup bowl with mint leaves on top and a few chopped bits of red pepper on it. Great with a slice of toast for a quick meal.


1 Wash and slice the cucumbers the thickness of a cracker. Use as a base for snacks. You can put a slice of boiled egg on it with a sprig of mint and peppers.
2. Cucumber with a slice of yellow cheese, chopped olives and sprinkle crushed walnuts on it.
3 Cucumber slices ,cut up asparagus and a bit of mustard on it with a sprig of dill as décor.
4. Cucumber slices and cottage cheese, crushed walnuts, and slices of pineapple or a sweet fruit like a strawberry or persimmon slices on it.

5 Cucumber slice with chutney, grated apple and coconut spread on top. Decorate with a raisin or date.

6 .Cucumber slices with a sliced melon on it, cheddar cheese and a little mint leaf as décor.

All these ideas are great for weight watchers.

Take cucumbers to work and to school to eat with yogurt and snack with a slice of apple and cheese. It packs easily and lasts well
For a picnic meal, use cucumbers, carrots, dill, parsley and oranges or mandarins. Pack into a dish and add two tablespoons of sunflower seeds when you eat it. You can even make it into a large salad by adding cooked chickpeas, sliced asparagus and some green beans. Use techina as a dressing.

Have a great week and from the" faraway, nearby," Love and light Rona,