Monday, January 25, 2010

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new ideas, fun lessons, healthy choices


In Israel, the malls have a feature on Thursdays and Fridays. You can buy Home cooked foods, ready meals to cater for every member of the family, cakes, cookies, relishes and homemade breads. There are also fabulous gift counters with novelty items for babies, teenagers and jewelry and new "on the Market" items.

One that fascinated me was the tea bags with a difference The company is called "TEA SHAPE" The green Teas come from China and are presented in a ball shape. You just pop the ball into a jug of boiling water and the flower opens and it looks great, has a delightful fragrance and taste You can buy the lovely teapots, glass cups and mugs ,milk jugs and a variety of glassware to add to the joy of Tea Ceremonies..
Call 054 661 4050 for details

.The "Goody's Granola " bar is the brain child of Debra. The granolas are fresh, tasty and with natural ingredients. To find out where Debra sells call her at 052 4393030
Granola is a good breakfast with yogurt, buttermilk, soya milk or even mixed into cut up fruits. If you are having guests for a light brunch, you can serve granola with yogurt and extra nuts and strawberries on top.
I use granola as a base for a tart as well. Just grind a cupful with a little butter or oil and press in to a dish. Put it into the refrigerator for an hour, then fill and bake it

When I cook oats for breakfast, I add Granola when I serve it.
For an interesting Cole Slaw, mix three tablespoons of granola into the salad, as you serve it..
Remember to give kids a little dish of granola for school lunch . It is the best snack with yogurt or with cut up fruit. This is ideal for the office too.

The teas and Granola can be bought at the mini mall of Mismar Hasharon on a Friday morning.


There are great courses for cooking and life style available now
To learn abour "RAW FOOD and GOOD EATING" call Tzionna and experience it all from an expert. Tzionna does great demonstrations, shows you all how to cook and create healthy foods. The courses are in English and Hebrew . Just a great gift for your friends and daughters. Phone 0544 29 66 44 .

For "GOURMET MEALS" life style, décor and the finishing touches that make a meal beautiful and the home that delights the guests, call ANN KLEIBERG. These fabulous classes have begun and are all about style, elegance and being a great hostess…………………… Anne 04 610 0228 or 054 543 0228 Anne is the authoress of " POMEGRANATES" All her cook books will be available for purchase.

If you live in the Jerusalem area, you can enjoy the "4TH Annual Intergenerational Tu B'Shvat Seder." {eve of 14 Shvat} The seder will take place on Thursday, January 28th 2010 from 5.30 -7.30 pm at the Pardes Institute in Talpiot. The dinner is 15 shekels. Please call to register…call 052 749 9839. EZRAT AVOT and the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies.

I will give you ideas in a week or two for PURIM., but if you need to send a gift abroad, my PASSOVER BOOKLET is available now. I can post it for you, gift wrapped with a message. You can order one now from Rona 09 8827072 or 054 4 827072 .

I wish you a warm, safe week, with time to JUST BE…..

LOVE AND LIGHT………………………………………………….. RONA

Saturday, January 23, 2010

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This week I saw the wonderful Clint Eastwood film about Nelson Mandela, called "INVICTUS". The lead role was portrayed by Morgan Freeman and he was an amazing as Mandela. Nothing like great directors and top movie stars…... Clint Eastwood has used sensitive issues to make us aware emotionally of the changes that were happening to the people and their attitudes. The Rainbow Nation is spiced with color, different tastes, and the foods reflect the world of spices, creative use of fruits and vegetables and simple ways to use local foods to make exotic dishes.
The recipes stem from many cultures. Indian, African, Malay, French Huguenots and Portuguese. Of course Grandma and Mom's recipes have travelled the world from Poland, Germany, Russia, Baltic States, America England and Holland.
Pickled, Smoked and interesting breads, cakes, candies and preserves were part of the recipes we enjoyed.


1 cup corn meal. 1 cup flour.1/4 cup brown sugar. 1/2 teaspoon salt. 4 teaspoons baking powder. 1 cup milk. 1/4 cup soft butter, 1 egg..
Sift the dry ingredients. Add 1 egg., milk and butter. Beat with an egg beater. Bake in an oiled loaf tin, or baking dish.
Bake 425f {220c} for 20 minutes.
I serve this with a tomato sauce with mushrooms.
Take two cups of mushrooms and sauté with an onion and two cloves of garlic. Stir in 2 bayleaves, salt and pepper and one cup of crushed tomatoes and a chopped red pepper. "cook" for five minutes. Add three tablespoons of chopped parsley and two tablespoons of chopped dates. Mix well and place in a jug. Serve warm with slices of corn bread.


Use peaches in season. I use apricots as well. Cut up four cups of fruit and sprinkle with four teaspoons of salt and three tablespoons of honey or sugar. Leave covered overnight..
Drain the fruit and place the liquid in a pan. Add four sliced onions, two cloves of garlic, three slices of ginger and some cinnamon, two tablespoons of olive oil, half a cup of chopped coriander, a dash of cumin, a red and yellow pepper chopped into tiny pieces. Cook this all for five to eight minutes. Add the fruit and cook for a few minutes more. Use good jars for storage. Serve with corn bread or rice.


Make this sauce and pour over boiled eggs. I suggest an egg for each person. Fry the sliced eggplant in a little olive oil and pour this sauce over them. Steam the cauliflower and pour the sauce over, but add chopped almonds into the sauce.
I make the sauce and pour it over the vegetables, keeping each vegetable in a separate dish. For the eggs, I add a few raisins and chopped parsley. To the eggplants, I add rings of sliced red peppers, and to the cauliflower and add the almonds and grated parmesan cheese.
SAUCE. Fry four chopped onions, half a cup of brown sugar, juice of a large lemon, three tablespoons of sultanas, six to eight apricots, and half a cup of water and two teaspoons of curry powder. Boil this all and add a little pepper and vegetable salt.
Pour over the vegetables and serve a few hours later..


Create a fun salad of citrus fruits. Use a large flat salad bowl. Wipe the bowl with a tangy salad dressing. Then arrange lettuce leaves, baby leaves, thinly sliced carrots and red onions in the bowl. Use a few peeled and slice orange segments, grapefruit and mandarins Scatter chopped walnuts and grated Roquefort cheese over all of this. Pour the dressing over and serve. Dressing is made from three tablespoons of olive oil, 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard, two tablespoons balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, and a teaspoon of honey. Mix well and pour over and toss lightly. .
I serve this with good bread and a herbed butter and a glass of wine. Enjoy

Love and light for a week of joy. Let the days unfold with a happy feeling. Rona

Thursday, January 21, 2010

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Monday, January 18, 2010

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moroccan eats, jams.


I am always fascinated by how much there is to learn from each other. When I arrived at the market place , THE SHUK in Netanya I found a treasure trove of knowledge re foods, spices and herbs. I asked each vendor what I could do with anything I bought. I learnt a great deal about eggplant, okra, beans, herbs and clever ways with pumpkin, zucchinis and the art of filling them with interesting stuffings. Jams and relishes and of course candies are their specialties.. Décor and style, the dishes and teapots add to the ambience and unique table settings.

Last night I went to a fabulous performance of MAYA TOLEDANO FAIMIN, who is an exquisite girl and a very accomplished belly dancer. This was a show with a difference. MAYA and her dancing girls were delightful and loaded with dance, singing, gyrating and heaps of personality. Maya teaches this delightful dance and many of my friends have had a wonderful time exploring the art of belly dancing. After the show we tasted MUFLETA. A wicked sugary dessert, that left an appetite for more……..
Always be prepared to experiment with the foods of different cultures, you learn , you enjoy the tastes and find original ways to cook and bake, without adding sauces, MSG, instant soups and mixes. Stick to NATURAL ways , FRUITS and VEGETABLES in SEASON, and grown locally,that is the way to have easily digestible foods, satisfying and nutritious.

1 kilo flour. 50grams of yeast 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 cup of warm water.

Mix all and add water to form a soft dough. Knead and leave to rise. Knead again, with a little oil on your hands to make kneading easier Let it rise again. Roll into balls about the size of an apricot. Grease the board and roll the balls until thin. Fry in hot oil…..keep the kids out of the way.. I fry them and drain on paper towels. I melt some butter and honey and a bit of orange rind, and spread this on the pancake and roll up and serve immediately. Such fun…..just enjoy with a hot glass of mint tea.


Eight zucchinis, halved and scoop out the centre. Mix the filling,a cup of chopped parsley, a cup of chopped coriander, a cup of chopped walnuts, two grated apples, 1/4 teaspoon of curry and salt and pepper. I add three thinly sliced mushrooms. I grate an onion and mix with the zucchini I scooped out and mix everything together. Fill the zucchinis. Place all in an oven dish and cover with two cups of water. Bake in a medium oven until the filling is cooked. Serve on a bed of brown rice with chopped chives and thinly grated parmesan cheese.

PUFF PASTRY with fillings.
I love working with this easy pastry. Thaw it in advance and create the fillings I roll the pastry of a floured board, done my way.
I thinly slice fresh berbs and mix with the flour, to give the dough a very exotic look. I cut circles or squares and have them all ready to fill.

Fillings….Two cups of chopped spinach, a grated onion, chopped mushrooms, salt and pepper and grated cheddar cheese. Mix all and fill the pastry. I brush them with an egg and sprinkle sesame seeds or bits of rosemary before baking.

Cheese and pepper filling. I bake two red and two yellow peppers. Peel and chop. Mix with half a cup of ricotta cheese, half a cup of yellow cheese and a cup of cooked rice. Add grated onion, pepper and a teaspoon of basil.

Bake these on a greased oven dish, medium to high and they are ready when they are brown. Enjoy with a cabbage salad, cucumbers and olives.

Now we have great citrus fruits and it is so easy to make a few jams. I love the English marmalade. I do this with three oranges, three grapefruit, two lemons, grated zest of the oranges, a teaspoon of chopped ginger and a dash of cinnamon, I add three cloves to the pot and remove them at the end. When I make jam I check how many cups I have of the fruit. Most people add the same amount of sugar. I do not like all the sugar. My way is to cover the fruits with half the sugar and leave covered, overnight. Then I cook on a low flame for a an hour. This way it gels and is less loaded with sugar. If I want to jazz it up, I add a bit of brandy at the end. Pack into jars and enjoy on toast, with pancakes or mixed in with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a tangy dressing over a


2 kilos of strawberries, one kilo of jam {or less} Rind of lemon and juice of two lemons, some chopped dried coconut Chop the washed strawberries and mix with the sugar. Let this stand for a few hours. Add the rest and cook over a low flame for an hour, watch and stir often. Cool and pack in jars.
To serve with ice cream, just take a few tablespoons and warm up with a few bits of chocolate sauce Pour over the ice cream Delicious.

Have a lovely week of awareness. Appreciate the beauty of life.
Be grateful for our lives and what we have, that adds to the quality of our lives
Pray for those in stress now in Haiti.
Know that there is love and mindfulness in many people who are reaching out to help those in need of medical aid, food , shelter and comfort.

Look around you and discover a world of light and gentle caring.


Monday, January 11, 2010

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Beans are a great source of complex carbohydrates, fiber, iron, folic acid, and amino acids. This is a great food for vegetarians and people who want variety in their foods.

Choose smooth and bright beans. Do not go for wrinkled and cracked beans. Soak beans overnight. Rinse, cook and when soft rinse and use for cooking. You can check if they are soaked enough by cutting a bean in half and if the centre is opaque, it is ready to cook.

Cooked beans should be soft so they are digestible.
The variety of beans are endless. Black beans, Dah, Adzuki, Garbonzo. Kidney. Lentils, Pinto, Peas , Soya Beans and Mung beans.

You can create exciting dishes with a variety of herbs and spices, vegetables and dried and fresh fruits.There are many recipes in the early edition of Sane and Sensible….look at Mung Beamns in SPROUTS 25th October 2008.
Lentil recipes and soups in the article of 1st November 2008.
Lentil Stew and Lentil Loaf in article of 1st September 2008..
Curried Beans, see article of 22nd March 2009


Wash three cups of white beans and soak overnight in water. Rinse and place in a pot to cook until soft. I add a stick of KOMBU to the water to tenderize the beans. Rinse Generally one cup of dried beans equals two and a half cups of cooked beans.
Take one cup of diced onions, one cup of chopped green onions ,one cut up red pepper, one diced carrot and a diced green apple or kohlrabi. Add four chopped cloves of garlic, one teaspoon curry powder, one tablespoon honey, vegetable salt, pepper , three bay leaves and three teaspoons of soya sauce I add three tablespoons of tomato paste as well. Mix this well.
Saute all the ingredients and then add the beans and three cups of with water and cook on a medium flame for five minutes and then on a lower flame for 50 minutes . Serve as a main course with whole-wheat rice or quinoa. I put a little coconut and raisins on top and some chutney on the side . It is delicious. with a little Ricotta cheese sprinkled on top as well.


Cook three cups of green beans. Place in an oven dish. Mix one cup of yogurt, half a cup of diced cheddar cheese, two tablespoons of olive oil , salt and pepper and two teaspoons of pine kernels or chopped nuts. Bake in the oven for ten minutes on a low temperature.
Serve on a bed of pasta, or rice Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top.


Cook three cups of soaked and rinsed Chickpeas. You can calculate one cup of beans to four cups of water. I add a piece of kombu to the pot when cooking them. Drain and use them for stews, to add to minestrone or make hummus with the addition of lemon juice , techina and spices.
For a casserole I use four cut up potatoes, three sweet potatoes, two onions, two zucchinis, one eggplant cut up, with the skins on, two cloves of garlic, three or four slices of ginger and half a cup of tomato puree. You can use four fresh tomatoes. Simply remove the skins by dropping the tomatoes in boiling water for a few minutes. Place all the cut up vegetables and flavorings in a pot with a little olive oil and sauté for a few minutes. Then add the cooked garbanzo beans and juice of one orange, two cups of water and cook slowly. Stir occasionally and let this cook slowly until the foods are blended and cooked well. Cut up four cashew nuts and sprinkle on when serving.
Serve with brown rice, pasta or with a generous helping of a Fresh Salad.

There are some good ideas in the article of 4th October 2008 GRAINS
Have a Happy week and enjoy the warm days.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


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I spent a delightful week end with my daughter, Marcelle, at a Meditation and Yoga seminar of the Sivananda group. It was held at KIBBUTZ INBAR ,a haven of greenery, herbs, shrubs and trees. There are lovely mosaics all over the place, created by Tal, a talented artist and painter. The hosts provided a lovely ambiance for the participants who come to do yoga and enjoy wonderful Meditation and lectures. The meals were strictly Vegetarian , prepared by the Chef Daniel and his assistant Jonathan. They were original, nutritious, tasty and a delight to look at.
The ingredients were grains, lentils, many vegetables, salads and healthy dressings like techina and lebane. There were great breads, cheeses and original relishes. The herbs were chosen to flavor the food without creating imbalance for digestion.
I am glad that these treasure spots exist for people who enjoy a smoke free atmosphere, nature at its most beautiful, a casual spot , far from the crowds.
If you want a place for a seminar, party, family gathering or simply a little piece of heaven to relax in, this is it.
Go to the website for details…
Telephone 972 {4} 6987302

The dishes shown here are chickpeas with herbs, spices and vegetables and a variety of spreads and relishes.
Have a lovely week………Love and light Rona

Monday, January 4, 2010

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All these vegetables are wonderful winter fare. You can be creative with them and combine them in soups, casseroles, roasts, fill them with rice, mushrooms, onions and quinoa. Cooked lentils and beans are an ideal filling. They can be prepared the day before and warmed up for dinner.

Take six to eight zucchinis and wash . Slice them into strips. {like chips} Make a mixture of dried parsley, dried basil, grated onion and salt and pepper. Mix this with wholewheat flour and coat the zucchinis. Dip into beaten egg and fry in oil, until brown.
Serve with yogurt mixed with mint and a little basil.

Peel eight zucchinis and grate with an onion, one carrot and a half a cup of fresh parsley. Add one grated apple, salt and pepper and half a teaspoon of curry powder. Mix with flour, two beaten eggs and a teaspoon of baking powder. The mixture will be fairly firm. Make into pancakes and fry in hot oil or butter.
Serve with yogurt mixed with herbs, and a little mustard.


Cut the squash in half and bake in the oven in a dish of water. You can steam them as well. Make a filling of chopped mushrooms, grated onions, half a cup of crushed walnut or pecan nuts. Spice with salt and pepper and a little chives. Add one beaten egg and mix well Fill the squash and sprinkle some grated almonds on top. Bake for fifteen minutes in a medium oven. Serve with ricotta and yogurt, mixed with a grated cucumber


Steam eight marrows, cut in half . Remove when soft, Drain well. Use an oven dish and wipe with a little olive oil. Arrange the marrows in the dish and pour over the sauce. Use half a cup of Parmesan cheese, a little cinnamon, salt and pepper ,crushed garlic and crumbled whole wheat crumbs. Sprinkle more olive oil on the top and bake in a medium oven for fifteen minutes. Serve on a baked potato.


These are versatile and useful to fill or prepare ahead of time. Cut the butternut in half . Remove pips. Fill the space with a mixture of cinnamon, honey, juice of a mandarine or orange and grated zucchini or apple. Place a teaspoon of butter or olive oil in each and bake in a moderate oven for thirty minutes. Use the juice to spoon over the butter nut. Serve with grated pecans over the top and a little caramel sauce………


Take a half butternut per person. Cook until tender. Remove the pips and drain well. Place them into a greased oven dish. Make a filling of one teaspoon ground cinnamon, one teaspoon of ground ginger, one tablespoon of honey, grated carrot and two tablespoons of crushed walnuts. Bake in a medium oven and serve hot with apple sauce and a sprinkle of coconut.

Remember you can introduce these vegetables to children, by allowing them to fill the various vegetables with mashed potatoes, cooked rice, cooked quinoa, cous cous or sweet corn, grated nuts and grated cheese. Kids love their own individual dishes, so let them experiment and create what they like. You can even use a pizza base to fill them……………………


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