Rona Kruger on Saturday, August 13, 2011 at 8:51pm
Hi and good luck to all the children going back to school and to the teachers who cope with dozens of our children daily. We wish you all a Good Year and great learning in a happy environment

We have a role to play in the going out of the home for so many hours a day.
School lunch boxes are to serve a purpose. We are responsible for what we give our kids to eat and drink at school.
The following is what we have to do:

1. Sit down with the kids and talk about lunches.
2. Determine what time they eat, how much time they have. Find out if they have a place to sit
Comfortably in the shade. Also find out if eating time is under supervision.
3. Choose a lunch box that is well made and with a cooler department and separate places for drink and food.
4. You must buy containers that can fit into the bag, that hold liquids, snacks, dried fruit, a good spoon and knife and fork.
5. Give the kids a serviette or wet wipes to clean hands before and after eating.
6. Do not use inappropriate wrapping for food. Never plastic wraps on cheese and milk products and no aluminum foil. You can use paper, brown bags and baking paper and good containers with lids.
7. You can place a freezer pack in the bag to keep foods cool.
8. Remember, this food bag is very important. You and you kids can bond well as you create the lunches in the evening and have them ready in the fridge. As you work and chat, you are giving them tools for life. They will understand that you care about their needs, and they will understand the effort you are making re the things they like.
9. Never underestimate the importance of ordinary chores. These are the examples we give them. They are also the memory makers of the years ahead.
10. You attitude must be, this is not a chore that I do daily, it is a pleasure for these kids I love.
11. Remember, you need a surprise in the box now and then. A love note, a candy, a chocolate bar, a cookie or a book or mascot that is the trend. All your efforts express love. Lastly, wash and air the lunch box regularly.


Snacks. I like dried fruit, nuts, home made cookies and snack bars, halva, sunflower seeds and granola cereal, cookies and bars. Recipes will follow.
Vegetables and fruits. You can have peeled carrots, celery sticks, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, pears, bananas, peaches, plums and all fruits in season. Lettuce can be washed and dried and packed in a container.
Ready foods. Humus, Techina, honey, cream cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese and yellow cheeses. Apple sauce is a great snack and you can choose an organic type in the health store. They have less sugar too.
Drinks. Give water, fruit juices, rice milk, almond milk, carob powder shakes, and health drinks
Baked goods. Good breads, crackers, baked muffins and health snacks and cookies.

Vegetarian lentil burgers are great to prepare and have ready in the fridge.