Saturday, April 18, 2015

  Passover and Easter are over,\. Now for new designs of eating.  SANE AND SENSIBLE.   Try to eat foods in season, grown locally. 
 Eat fresh foods once a day. 
Go for a few raw vegetables. Drink as a juice or eat as salad.
Steam vegetables, or bake and eat these once a day.
 Eat fruit  and wash them   well Chew slowly and eat the fruit of the season
 When eating melons, watermelon or grapes, eat alone or leave alone. Not after a huge meal, eat as a snack or mini meal. 

Drink water as you  get up in the morning. Cleanse mouth with water and then drink water slowly   . Drink between meals , not with eating.
Drink teas, lemon, mint and light teas. 
Skip alcohol, just for occasions.

Eat slowly. Eat regular meals, especially breakfast  Rushing?  Make a lunch pack at night for breakfast in the morning.
 Do you have a  fridge at work? Then have yogurt, , granola , some fruit and nuts there to make a meal. Have a banana, an apple and some cheeses for a light lunch. Make a salad without the dressing and have olive oil and lemon at work to add to the cut up vegetables. 

Do not make it all a bother. Good habits create lightness of the body, healthy foods for energy and great eating habits.

You can look after yourselflef with very little effort  YOU are worth the effort. So do it tomorrow. 

You must feed your kids with a breahfast, a school lunch a cooked meal , served with love and a smil;e. It is the least a resposible Mom does.

Keep junk out of your home. Serve good fruit and nuts, washed dried fruit as snacks. Crackers and a cheese dip with vegetables is a good  TV snack.

Remember the earth has great food   EAT FOOD and skip junk.  Have a great week Love and light Rona 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

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