Saturday, February 28, 2009

winter at home. WINTER INDOORS.


The rains have arrived. Winds, cold and wet everywhere. This is the time to stay warm, dressed properly and make each day great , even though you are indoors.
I feel this is the time to think. So many of us go through the week and never stop to think ...just sit and think. Of course there is so much to do. So make a list , put it down and now think.

Make a mental note of all the things we have to be grateful for. Work out all the different people you see in a week. In the car, on the bus, on the train, at the market, post office , at work, visiting the store to buy food, when you fetch children and taker them to activities. Think about the people you call and make social plans and the necessary visits to Dentist, Doctor, School Teachers, hairdresser, gym class, the garage to buy petrol, the laundry and the florist, green grocer. The visit to the bank, Pharmacy and of course to meet friends for a warm cup of coffee. This is why you have no time to think…Use your time to mull through the issues to deal with.……………….

Make time for the small things.
Create time to knit for a poor child.
Find time to pop in and see an older friend who does not get around easily.
Use your free time to call a few people who need the phone to ring..
Endeavour to tidy up and throw away junk. Sort out good clothes to give to the needy.
Cook a pot of soup early mornings of the week end. The kitchen will be warm and you can freeze left over's for next week end.
Make extra cookies and muffins with the kids. Learn to make Pancakes that create a super family meal on a lazy Saturday night.
Sort out all the books you want to read and share with others.
Arrange the clothes for summer.
Now is the time to tidy writing papers, greeting cards and little gifts for upcoming holidays. I like to browse through all the gifts I have bought and wrap them in cellophane paper and have them on hand for a rushed gift. When I go abroad I love to give Israeli cards. The scenes of the Dead Sea, the cities and wonderful landscapes are always welcome abroad.

Plan a kit for long Saturdays and Sundays. Here is an idea.

First buy Popcorn. Have honey, molasses or a good Maple syrup to sprinkle on the popped corn.
Have a quick [pancake mix that the kids can make. Use the recipe here.
Buy French loaves, lots of whole wheat rolls, crackers and rice crackers.
Choose some cheeses, sliced cheese and grated mozzarella.
Remember olives, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes and dried tomatoes in olive oil,
Humous, techina and easy to spread lebane, cream cheese and some herbs to sprinkle. Use parsley, oregano and basil.
Buy extra milk, chocolate and cocoa powder to make hot drinks. Sprinkle cinnamon on them. Have a few bottles of Apple Cider to make a hot drink. Buy Soya and Rice milk for fun milk shakes.

2 cups of flour. 4 eggs. One and a half cups of milk. 2 tablespoons butter.
I melt the butter on a low flame. Remove and mix in all the ingredients . Beat together and pour into a jug.
Heat a non stick pancake pan and pour in a little amount, swirl the pan and cook on a medium flame. Just turn out when it bubbles. Have apple sauce, cinnamon, chocolate sauce, grated almonds, jam, honey or your favorite cream cheese ready. Fill. Roll and serve.

My grandchildren, Gahl, Eden and Daniel, make dozens of these for the friends who sleep over and I know my Daughter and son in law wake up in time to enjoy them too. They can be rolled and kept for later too. They can even be served for dessert after dinner with a spoon of vanilla ice cream and chocolate grated over it all.

3 cups of apple cider, 3 cups of water, 3 cloves, a cinnamon stick or half a teaspoon of cinnamon, a tea bag of green tea or English tea and a teaspoon of honey. Heat all in a pot on a low flame and serve hot. I cut up lemon and orange slices into the drink as well .

This is wonderful. Warm the Soya milk in a pot with a teaspoon of Nutella chocolate mix, to every cup of milk. Serve with buttered toast. The kids will love this hot treat.

Have a great week. Remember the cold snaps, the indoor days are special bonding time and make space for laughter, memories and giggles. Soon you will bask in the sun………………………………………love and light Rona

Sunday, February 22, 2009



Today people all over the world are facing changes they did not ask for, do not want and need new tools to cope with developing situations. The financial stresses have given us a warning to redesign our living, define our needs and work out plan B, in case the existing plans need change.

Firstly one needs honesty, a direct approach and time to sit down and look at all of it in black and white.

Action for change is necessary to cope with what we need, what we have and where we are heading.

Begin with eliminating unnecessary frivolities. Drinking latte on the way to work is a luxury we can save for special celebrations. Make healthy lunch boxes for work. Eat at home and take a snack for the journey there and back. There you are, you have saved nearly 500 in the household on junk "on the go"

Buy once or twice a week with a list that is designed to include everyone's whims and favorite foods. Purchase lots of vegetables and fruits in season and learn how to create meals that are nourishing and filling. Our grandparents lived to a ripe old age without spicy TV snacks and green and purple soda drinks.

Do not buy specials that sit in the pantry for weeks…….buy the best you can for a week or two. There are always festivals and the necessary foods come on special so that everyone can purchase them. Check the prices, against the weight, not the height of the box. Make sure the household cleaners are safe and practical You can use easy cleaners for everyday maintenance. They work with some elbow grease.

Cut out tons of trash like magazines, newspapers that lie unopened and waiting to be ditched. It is better to talk to each other than converse with a multitude of gossip about people and starS that really do not affect your daily living. I know some people chat about Brad and Cindy, Cole and Shelli…..catch a wake up. Tomorrow it will not matter. You need to focus on the people who matter to you. Forget about the cheap trips to Timbuktu too. Plan your holiday with sense and to suit the budget and family.

Look for the sales at the end of season and buy with a list. Impulse buying is wasteful and time consuming. Recycle and give away what others can use. It makes you feel good and the clothes are delighted to be worn…instead of being stuck in a packet.

I love practical gifts that can be used and needed. Chocolates and cookies work well and of course a book and music. But at my age I do not need sexy aprons, another mirror to check my lipstick, fourteen cake lifters and magic cloths to wipe spills. Let it spill, let the dust just sit there, let any knife work for the date loaf and enjoy small things like a greeting and card, that spells I care.

The guys I know do not even want seven different books that teach home carpentry….it is a new world. The retraining seminars tell you to come and learn from scratch. You find how to eliminate a scratch and together you all solve the problems of bolts and screws. People need people and courses for learning are better that a book of 1000 pages of ideas.

Now for the bits and pieces. Try to do odd jobs yourself. Darning and mending are necessary in every home. Have a button bottle and a sewing kit. You need to know the basics Have a shoe polish kit, It is a necessity in every household.

A tool box is vital in the home. Go to the store with the kids and let them learn what you needs for basic repairs. A few nails, a hammer, screwdriver and some magic glue that is "safe" solves many problems.

An ironing board has a function, so learn to iron your shirt

You do not have to be a rocket scientist for these easy chores.

You will learn that a birthday cake can be made for half the price of a glossy glue one in color. Easy meals are fine to share, lift schemes are practical and using any subscriptions to theatre, shows and clubs, are easy to share and give to each other instead of wasting them. I find that giving old folks a ride on the way, fetching foods for a busy mother and helping those who are alone, is a way of making difficult times sweeter. You do not need a bouquet of fifty flowers to say I care

Sit down once a month and review life. It is a gift to have a good day Realize the value on health and joy.

Let 2009 be the year you find good ways, sunny days and a smile to end your day. I send you love and light, healing and warmth to make you feel great Rona

country visit, cheese and wine


Last week we took a bus and went to visit a winery, cheese and bread emporium. We lunched at a charming little place, nestled in a quiet corner of Kfar Ha ro'e.

Going out with a group is excellent, because so often people need an organized trip to venture to new spots. Many of the people are pensioners and love to meet new people.

The Recanati winery is one of my favorites. I often serve their excellent blends. The grapes are carefully grown and experts create wines of a high standard.. They introduced us to a few wines and Yaniv gave us information on the company and the winery. The Petit Sarah Zinfandel Reserve is my favorites. It is
a deep color with a smoky aroma of blackberries, fresh plums, cloves and a hint of vanilla.

The cheeses were interesting, The variety include cow and goat cheeses and we loved the delicate flavors of the Tom and St. Mor. The Jacobs Family work as a team and it is a fun visit. The breads were loaded with fruits, nuts and beautifully blended with delicate herbs. The Challahs there are superb.

Lunch was scrumptious and we relaxed and chatted for an hour. The bakery at Soshannah is a credit to the lady who created it. Soshannah is a lovely woman and her family work together , baking the best cakes and cookies. They do sugarless cookies too. Soshannah is famous for her MON Pereg cake.

We visited a gift store where one could browse for hours and were served the most fabulous drink.

Rivkeleh always serves it and I recommend you pop in to taste it. It is made of Apple Cider, one green tea, 3 cloves, two sticks of cinnamon, a few pieces of lemon grass, lots of love and careful blending.

Enjoy the pleasure of outings and visit them in our beautiful land ……………………… and light Rona

Monday, February 16, 2009

FAMILY NOURISHMENT. think healthy . think calories

Some days we need a quick menu . Here are a few ideas for meals during cold weather.

Soup, Potatoes and Grilled mushrooms.
Make a vegetable soup that is served with slices of bread and grated cheese. Have whole-wheat grissini sticks, butter and cubed cheeses for the kids to add to the bowl of soup.

Bake enough potatoes for the whole family. While they are baking sauté three cut up onions and three cloves of garlic in olive oil. Then add two cups of cut up mushrooms, black pepper and vegetable salt. When the mushrooms are soft, add two cups of yogurt and heat through on a lower flame. Serve over the potatoes and enjoy.

Pasta, stir fried vegetables and toasted cheese cubes.
Stir fry onions, thinly sliced carrots, leeks, garlic cloves, zucchini slices, cubed egg plant, cauliflower and a handful of peas. Add this to the olive oil in the pan with salt, pepper and two tablespoons of soya sauce. When the vegetables are done, remove them to a oven ish and sauté the cubed cheese for a few minutes. Before frying the cheese moisten with yogurt and sesame seeds. Then serve the pasta on a large plate covered with the vegetables and cheese cubes. Serve hot cups of soup and a
fresh green salad and a plate of fresh tomato slices and mint leaves. Makes a filling meal

Eggs, a rich tomato gravy and cous cous,

Make a sauce of sautéed onions, one grated carrot, three peeled tomatoes, a dash of black pepper and vegetable salt. Add one teaspoon of honey and crushed garlic. Add one large cup of tomato puree and one cup of boiling water. Simmer on low. It should be fairly thick. Drop in an egg or two for each person and let it cook for five minutes. Serve over a bed of hot cous cous and chopped parsley over it all. This is tangy and delicious.

When you need to cook up a storm for a hungry clan, use lots of large plates, make vegetables that can be converted tomorrow. If you have three potatoes over, just add mayonnaise and herbs. Left over vegetables can be made into soups.

Boil eggs and make heaps of toast, fresh chopped salad, humous, techina , pickles and olives for a hungry crowd of kids. They love creating their own plate when it is all laid out on the table. For desserts they will eat sliced up fruit on a large tray. Put tooth picks in and they will eat it all. Kids are lazy to cut up fruit. I add washed dates, raisins and some nuts too.

Remember food needs to look fresh, colorful and presented on a large plate. Use color on the table that excites the kids; fun colored serviettes and odd glasses. Make it help yourself with cutlery stacked in flower pots and straws in a tall glass. When you are hungry, the greatest feeling is to walk in and there is the cared about feeling. It is not difficult to do and speaks endless words of love.

Have a week that is balanced.
Love and light and happy to hear from you RONA

PS My Passover booklet is ready and can be ordered from me .All meals are designed with the thought of balancing health CALORIES, EASY PREPARATION, nourishing and easy meals with litlle effort.

Monday, February 9, 2009

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cancer ideas for food and living


I had the experience of watching the devastation that Cancer can cause, when my late husband, Jeff,endured disease and treatments over a long period some years ago. I realized that the appetite, taste buds, the enthusiasm for food had changed. Each day was simply filled with hope of getting through the day.

What could I do in the home to make the situation easier?

One….make delectable meals. Create dishes that look appetizing.
Two. Create an ambience for comfort when eating. A flower in a vase, two or three ornaments as a centre piece. Invite a friend who is good company.
Three. Make the meal slow, undisturbed by phone calls. Put soft music on, not horrific news in the background.
Four Sit down relaxed and have everything ready to serve. Jumping up and down is not relaxing for the patient. They need lots of attention at these times and tender loving care.
Five Cook in good utensils. Only glass, Corning ware, Stainless steel. Not aluminum or ceramic that might not be safe. Do not use foil. Rather use waxed paper.
Eat irons, spinach, soaked dried apricots, liver and if you are vegetarian, ten soaked almonds daily.
Drink fresh beet juice, carrot juice and apple juice. They are best fresh. You need a small glassful. You can mix grapes with berries and pomegranates and drink this too.
Eat natural anti biotics…garlic and onions daily. I take a whole garlic, cut it in half and bake it in the oven. Then I squeeze out the garlic and place it in a container with a little olive oil on top. This way you can use it on toast, in salad dressing, in cooking and as a spread over steamed vegetables.

Oats, bran, wheat and brown rice are good for you. Remember that at night you might not feel like eating. A bowl of cooked oats, with a few almonds, raisins and cinnamon can be a satisfying meal. You can have soya milk or rice milk over this cereal

Eat by color. You need the yellows, peppers, carrots, pumpkin, oranges, and mandarins. persimmons. sweet potatoes., yams, cantaloupe and squash.
The reds, peppers, tomatoes, berries, pomegranates, red beans, red apples, red cabbage and cherries. and grapes.
The greens. There are so many. Lettuce, cabbage. spring onions, parsley, oregano, basil, mint, cucumbers, leeks, celery, dill, fennel, squash, marrows, beans ,peas, asparagus and kiwis..broccoli and brussel sprouts.

The healthy banana full of potassium and magnesium, apples, pears, egg plants. Potatoes onions, garlic, turnips.. The list is endless.

Have a little of each daily.

Eat slowly Eat seated in a well aired room. Be comfortable in your chair.
Take time to chew the food slowly and do not drink water with your meals.

Drink water away from meals. Avoid caffeine in coffee, teas and skip soda type drinks.
Drink water, lemon and mint. Have hot milk with honey and cinnamon as a night cap.

DO NOT EAT, white sugar, salts, sugars, processed meats, sausages, colonies, and reheated foods. Eat fresh meals.
Replace salts with natural vegetable salts and fresh herbs and use STEVIA sweetener. You can order it in the States from 480 203 2871 . In Israel 09 8827072

Cosmetics that are tested on animals, the additives and chemicals in body preparations. Check your deodorant, shampoos and tooth pastes. Try to use a company that is safe in the way they manufacture. I use SUNRIDER products.
Skip the use of stove cleaners, hair lacquers, sprays against crawlies, outdoor cleaners that are poisonous and the horrific cleaning materials that promise to wipe it all away. All these interfere with our immune systems and when you are having cancer treatment, the immune system needs extra care.

Most important is to be sure to consult with your Doctor re your progress, vitamins, foods and how you feel.

Remember the human body has powerful ways of healing. Meditate, go for healing, be positive and do not postpone JOY. Let each day have its magic and appreciate the sunset that brings the promise of a new day.

Go for walks, smell the flowers, listen to the bird song, chat to the dog, relax often and delight in the small things.

I wish you a good path on the road to recovery. Love and light RONA…………………………………

valentine, ideas to express love


This is an occasion and the day you can say I LOVE YOU in many different ways.
There is the element of surprise when you receive cards from the unknown and gifts that say so much and you need to guess where and who they came from. But it is a chance to say THANKS for being just you and I love you. Be enthusiastic about joy and love, it is worth everything.


For Grand pa…….order a chocolate cigar with his name on a paper ring on it.. Any chocolate maker can produce these.
For Grand ma…….create little chocolates for her bridge game. Choose a song she loves and ice each cookie you make with a word on it, that spells the song. I love you

For loved ones.

Order flowers that arrive every Friday for a month…..with a message that in the end is a complete poem for the person you love.

Make a recording for the person you love on your cell phone and call them

Give a voucher to the younger set for the coffee bar or a pizza place. That is such fun.

Send an invitation for breakfast to a restuarant. Have a bunch of flowers on the table

Order red roses and red covered chocolates tied with red ribbons.

Wrap a red bow on the steering wheel with chocolates and nougat tied to it.

Put a warm pair of red socks with cozy slippers next to the bed.

Make dessert with meringue and cream covered with strawberries, tied with a red ribbon.

Write I LOVE YOU on the car window with red lipstick.

Send a gift from the jewelry store wrapped in red and masses of ribbons.

Order tickets for a concert with red wrapped chocolates in the envelope..

For kids ,send the balloon man to deliver ice creams at the door with red balloons.

Surprise everyone at the office with a tray of lovely snacks and cherry tomatoes….

Frame a lovely photograph for his or her desk.
Choose a picture of the favorite pet at home and put it in s colorful frame for the computer table. Choose a mouse pad with something cute.
Place a few crystals at the TV and computer to clear the air.
Arrange a few herbs in a basket in a sunny window spot..

Create a lovely meal at home with desserts of red and white…….pink pears in wine, marshmallows decorated with hearts, heart shaped pizzas, strawberries, blackberries and a creamy custard.

Finally just be you…warm, caring and there to lighten up the day. I love you , not just today, but every day.

Love and light, Rona
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Sunday, February 1, 2009



Iron is vital for good health and energy. A lack of iron can lead to anemia, fatigue, dizziness, hair loss, dry coarse hair, cracked lips and tongue and a pale color.
Women who are pregnant or feeding babies, women menstruating need balanced levels of iron. Children growing .rapidly, people doing unbalanced diets, sportsman, vegetarians, and older folks, must check the iron they eat daily.


Our sources of iron are found in liver, poultry, beef, lamb and shell fish. Vegetarians
have iron in spinach, eggs, sesame seeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, rice, whole wheat bread, prunes, dates, peaches, raisins. Pears, dried apricots, watermelon and dark green vegetables and herbs. Lentils and soya beans, tofu, avocado, beets and brewers yeast are a good source too.

Here are some iron rich ideas.


Sauté two cups of button mushrooms in a little olive oil, two chopped onions and a few crushed garlic cloves. Chop up two tablespoons of parsley and dill. Stir this into the mushroom mixture.
Take three cups of spinach and chop into pieces. Add two teaspoons pine nuts and two tablespoons of pecan or walnuts. I add salt and pepper and a little grated ginger. Mix all and sauté for a few minutes. If you have sprouts, you can stir these in for a minute or two. I serve this with mashed potatoes or on a bed of polenta. {cooked corn}


Wash five prunes, five apricots, two tablespoons of raisins, one teaspoon of pine kernels, cinnamon, two tablespoons of cranberries or any you have, half a cup of orange juice and a large cup of water. Place on a low flame and cook for twenty minutes. Eat this once a day.
Develop a habit of eating prunes and apricots instead of candies.
'Wash all dried fruit carefully……………….


Wash three cups of spinach and tear into bite size pieces .Soak two tablespoons of cranberries overnight in a little balsamic vinegar. Add this to the salad dressing. This can be olive oil, a few pine nuts, a teaspoon of honey, cloves of garlic, grated ginger and a little lemon juice, and one grated green apple. Arrange this all on a lovely salad plate and grate feta cheese over it all. I serve this with a pasta dish or as a starter with a good warm bread. You really feel the benefit of eating fresh, healthy salads. Enjoy
be olive oil, a few pine nuts, a teaspoon of honey, cloves of garlic, grated ginger and a little lemon juice, and one grated green apple . Arrange this all on a lovely salad plate and grate feta cheese over it all. I serve this with a pasta dish or as a starter with a good warm bread. You really feel the benefit of eating fresh, healthy salads. ENJOY… LOVE AND LIGHT RONA