Sunday, May 3, 2009

ladies get togethers


Ladies love to have lunch together. It is way to relax, share the food some one else has created for you, chat and socialize
with people you do not meet in your work place, neighborhood or in your daily life.

We have had a lunch club for many years . Once a month we meet at a different homes and the hostess prepares a meal. She can do what she likes, present it her way, create the food that she enjoys serving. The hostess arranges a speaker for an hour as well.

This month was my turn. I chose to have a main course that was warm. dairy and with fresh salads. I made a tray of baked vegetables that are suitable for people who are on a careful eating programme. I also did a rice and lentil dish that is ideal for people who cannot have dairy or cheeses.
Of course, with a diary meal we go wild with dessert. Ice cream cake, chocolate cake and strawberries.



Six beetroot, 3 apples, 2 cups green leaves, some pomelo or grapefruit slices, two red onions and a dressing.
Cook the beetroot and remove the skins. Slice into cubes.
Slice the onions and cube peeled apples. Peel pomelo or grapefruit and slice .
Mix the ingredients into a large dish with the green leaves. (remove the long threads and stalks)
1/2 cup olive oil. 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar. 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar. Salt, and pepper . I Tablespoon honey, 2 Tablespoons cranberries and 1 tablespoon raisins.
Mix this all together and pour over the salad
You can serve this with grated or crumbled Feta cheese and a few roasted pecan nuts.
Ideal with any meal.


This is a favorite in our house. It is easy to prepare and ideal to make a few days ahead and freeze. If you do not use it all, simply re freeze it.

I use three cups of vanilla ice cream and three cups of a flavored ice cream. You can choose, chocolate or caramel flavor. I prepare a loose bottom cake dish. You line the dish with wax paper or foil. Then prepare the base.
Base…..I crush ten to twelve Biscotti biscuits or cinnamon cookies. Mix with the first cup of softened ice cream and place in the dish as a base. Then grate chocolate over this layer. Do the next layer with 2 cut up dried apricots, a pineapple slice and a few nuts. Layer with more ice cream. Then grate 4 Tablespoons halva and mix with the next layer. Now you spread a layer of Nutella over the ice cream. More ice cream and finish with any décor you like. Chocolate nibbles or flaked chocolate, cherries or grated nuts I insert staws into the cake Use six or eight straws.. When the cake is frozen , I remove them I and pour liquor or coffee into the holes. I cover the cake in the freezer and remove it an hour or two before serving. You can serve it on a large plate with cookies around it , or as décor. Enjoy.

Tips for a mixed group of people.
Always have water and a lemon or mint drink. Many people do not want nectars and sweetened drinks Provide enough glasses
Keep a dish cloth for spills.
Have empty containers for storage of left overs and a few in case you give a friend something to take home.
Have crackers and a simple dessert for those who do not have dairy or sweet things.
Do your flowers and table the day before.
Have salads ready washed and combine just before eating. Do salad dressings separately. Many people choose to skip dressings.
Include people who are new by giving them a something to do,then they become involved.
Introduce people who do not know each other.
Switch the phone off and if you are having a lecture put a note on the door , not to ring for the duration of the talk.
Make sure the air conditioning is good for everyone.
Do rest before they come and be a smiling and happy hostess.
Welcome your guests because it makes a SIBA LE MESIBA……A REASON FOR THE PARTY.
Enjoy the lunch, party or what ever, because it is good to make an effort and the reward is simply the fun and joy
Have a great week


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