Thursday, July 16, 2009

feel good . enjoy your holiday travels


We all have times that the days are long and tedious. The heat is too much and the noise of traffic drives us into a state of exhaustion. It takes very little in a long summer to upset you, but there is an alternate way. CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY WITH WHO YOU ARE AND CREATE A STATE OF WELL BEING AND FEELING GOOD.

I love the idea that people need people. We need the audience for our daily thinking, sharing a little complaint, telling our version of what happened and of course the advice we like giving or receiving. Now and then people pop up in your life and surprise you. They seem to be there just when you needed them, or for no reason they include you in their activities. You find yourself wondering if these co incidences are by sheer chance or a design you cannot really fathom. I had some one pop in last night from the north. She is a beautiful and charming woman, and simply catching up on what was happening in her life, what she is doing, listening to new dreams and hearing her verbalize her inner thoughts ,was special. She was not wearing any masks or pretentions. Speaking to friends and knowing they were listening. We stood in the kitchen and quickly created some oven snacks for other guests and chatted. A well brewed cup of English tea was enjoyed and we relaxed in each others company These moments give life its value. You do not have to go everywhere to be seen, spotted by strangers, impress people who do not matter and never will. Just be you and love your home, give your hospitality and love life that is now.

Last week we toured the country up north and loved the scenery, the trees, forests, the cows and sheep lazing in the sun and miles of vineries preparing for beautiful wines to be created. Manarra, the Meron area, Rosh Pina, Daliet ha Carmel, the Carmel forests, Zichron, Maalot, Carmiel, Moshavim and holiday spots like Kfar Blum and Kibbutzim, are glorious all over the area. We ate all the traditional foods, hummous, techina, falafel, superb olives, pickles, pitot and olive oils. We had delightful pop ins for chocolate milkshakes and smoothies, fruit and cheese treats.
I really recommend a visit to Rosh Pina, where you can visit WOODSONG, and learn about exquisitely crafted Celtic harps and door chimes. Peter is a joy to meet. The area has great eateries, artists to visit and of course fun places to sit in the evenings. Ein Hod is a fabulous artist village
and the Dada Museum and history of Marcel Janco is very interesting. The Gallery has been re revamped has some very interesting art to view..
Nisco Music Museum is a children's delight and the visit is not only the discovery of early musical instruments, but a meeting with a man dedicated to teach you all about them.


I love having pitot, a French loaf and great sliced rye and whole-wheat bread in the house for pop ins. You always need olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, dried tomatoes, onions and baked garlic in the fridge I had prepared eggplant and techina dip and grilled red peppers in olive oil too. Add cheeses, goats cheese and some cottage cheese and your work is done.
We quickly sliced the breads and used olive oil on some, for others cottage cheese,
egg plant dip, red peppers, goats cheese, olives, and cucumbers and dried or fresh tomatoes. Ten minutes in the oven and they were yummy and satisfying with a drink.

I often cut up French loaves and scoop out a little of the bread. I fill them with a mixture of boiled, mashed egg, grated onion, a bit of mustard, chopped parsley and diced cucumber. Spice with vegetable salt and pepper and grill in the oven for five minutes.

For kiddies, I make mini pizza. Simply spread the olive oil on the base, bread or pits. Add tomato paste and grated cheese, olive or diced cucumbers. Grill. For vegetarians I grate zucchini, a grated carrot, spices, olives and cucumbers and bake these too.

Create a jug of Fortune Delight and people love the fresh feeling this drink creates.
For a smoothie use fresh fruits in season and mix with water and ice. Vegetable smoothies are great and you can create your own. Fresh carrots, celery, parsley and a grated apple. There are endless options.

Have a good look at the fridge and fill it with easy to do items. Then you do not need to be in the kitchen when it is hot and tiring. Great preparation makes for easy living.




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