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We are all aware that our society has people with different challenges daily. There are those of us who have so much, good health and are able to cope physically and mentally. We are able to create our thoughts and plan our lives. My daughters, both studied special education, and are aware of how much, we are able to change the lives of people who need special attention and help. I feel we need to have a sensitivity to others problems and being mindful of others is vital to ourselves. Your mindfulness is what makes you aware of yourself and people around you

A week ago, I went to see an amazing and unforgettable performance. It is held at the theatre complex in Jaffe, Tel Aviv. The "NALAGA'AT CENTRE" . This means DO TOUCH.
The Theatre complex has a restaurant where the waiters are deaf or hearing impaired. The theatre performance that I saw was "NOT BY BREAD ALONE" I recommend you to see this and take family and friends. The actors have overcome so much to perfect this show. Your emotions are fully engaged as you watch the brilliance of each performer. Adina Tal, the founder and artistic director, has done miracles with the members and helpers of this show. Once will not be enough . Phone 03.6330808 You can arrange group bookings and tourists will find this a highlight of their trip to Israel. They will be delighted with the unique performance and translation into ENGLISH. The venue is known to any cab driver and you can enjoy the show and have a meal there.

Being mindful also means caring for people who have special needs when they are in your home. Prepare menus for kids that are suitable. Make soups and basic foods for them. Skip the exotics and unknown Kids like food they know and recognize.
Older folks are similar. Give them basics, let the hot be hot and make the desserts simple.

When you serve a large group at the table, remember that the dishes should be duplicated. People get lax about passing the butters, dips and salads. Prepare two of each and it is easier for everyone.

I make larger quantities of soups, casseroles and quiches. Then they can be carefully packed and shared with an older friend or a person who is not well enough to cook. There are good containers that make it simple to do Being mindful of others, enriches your life.

Winter means warm dishes, ample goodies for an indoor week end and all you need to do is PLAN WELL.
I find that a careful list, early shopping and a little cooking ahead , work well. Always have a large pot of soup. Rolls, Bagels, French loaves and good breads are essentials. Have cheeses, butter and some spreads to create sandwiches, sauces or pastas and cucumbers and olives for tasty relishes.
I buy lots of fresh vegetables. Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, carrots and spring onions, can create salads and fillings for good snacks. Eggs are great to boil, mash and serve as sandwich spreads. I use techina, salt and pepper with the egg, chopped parsley and herbs. I skip mayonnaise and fancy preserved dressings.
Make a lasagna or pasta dish ahead of time. Quiches are good too.
For really nourishing meals serve soup, baked potatoes and some fillings for them.
Desserts can be baked apples, just core and fill them. Serve with custard or ice cream.
Make vegetarian lentil burgers and serve in a bun with pickles…….potato chips and tomato slices. You simply need to make the list carefully and shop ahead.
Finally, winter is a good time to enjoy being together, so drag everyone into the kitchen and they will be part of the preparations. Nothing like peeling heaps of potatoes, cutting them and making great chips with the kids….… ……… LOVE AND LIGHT FOR A FESTIVE AND MAGICAL WEEK OF CHANUKAH. RONA

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