Saturday, September 11, 2010



 We all have ideas about resolutions for   a New Year. They begin with what  we can change and where we can improve our lives and   see our dreams come true.
 We  need to make a better world,  to be more aware of our environment, the  seas, water, trees, animals, birds and insects, bees and flowers. They all create a balance for earth and a harmony of nature.
 Our mental list should be for the creation of a better world for future generations.
Let us begin with nature, precious commodities  and an appreciation of what is good in our lives. The gratitude for what we have must not be taken for granted. We need to help the less  fortunate and show the uneducated a road of discovery. Children need to be treated kindly and the challenged members of society need our empathy and patience.  In order to understand all the facets of a society, we need to learn, volunteer and see another persons point of view .

Economic woes, financial disasters, unemployment and natural disasters, throw us into turmoil. We can suffer loss of identity, self esteem and confidence. Our lives are then threatened and our relationships suffer stress.  This is when we need to be there for each other. Help by listening and showing support in bleak times.  Helping fellow man is a measure of who we are.


 Nobody has a perfect life. We can, however choose to make the best of what we have. Make a list of what really matters and you will see how rich you are. Discard the negative, accentuate the positive and find joy in laughter, a good joke, a cup of tea and fun time with children and grandchildren.

I made my list and one of the items is to improve
the area of choices related to food and eating habits.. We will find foods that are more natural, free of added coloring and chemicals,   fresh and made under logical food standards, with the backing of food tests and controls.  Drinks must be alcohol free, natural, fresh juices and clean water. Choose less caffeine and drink herb teas and fresh herbs .
Choose meals that are simple   FOODS OF THE SEASON,  and vegetables and fruits grown locally.

Try to have hobbies that fill the days, read good books, enjoy  music and pleasant radio programs, skip trash TV and find worthwhile programs to watch. Join a new club, broaden your interest and try to meet new  people with interests  you  can share. It could be travel, museums and concerts, archeology and   sight seeing. Find time to learn a new hobby, teach kids English, how  to knit and sew or bake a cake, make an object out of wood, how to repair a bicycle puncture. What you might have forgotten . the youngsters need to learn. Share your knowledge and enjoy the satisfaction of watching the joy of discovery on a child’s face.

The list of what you can do is endless…..a few ideas are helping the old, delivering foods to people who are restricted to their homes. You can volunteer to collect winter clothing and blankets, bake for kids  in  homes where there are difficulties, assist once a week at a nursery school or simply read to a few kids. They love hearing another language and   stories of days you remember. Recycle magazines, clothes, toys, records and household goods. Find all the things you do not need and give them to a second hand store.  Someone will walk in and treasure your throw a ways
 Have a basket for the birds on your balcony or garden. Use a small container for herbs and small tomatoes and onions. Watching something grow, is good for the soul. Place a flower in your home daily. A fresh bloom, leaves or a herb plant has a magical affect in a room. Energize your home with a crystal on the TV or near the phone. Crystals bring calm, peaceful and harmonious vibrations everywhere.

 Let your prayers be meaningful and include those who need healing and love. Light a candle to bring light to dark areas.

I wish you emotional balance, sweet days, soft vibrations around you and the joy of good days.


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