Thursday, October 21, 2010



We notice that time is flying and everything we are trying to grasp, moves way ahead.
The technology is too fast  for many of us in the senior years………….our grandchildren just seemed wired differently and it is all natural to  their way of  thinking.

I have yellow ribbons in my home, on my bag, in the car and every time I glance at them I send love and light to Gilad Shalit and the Family. He is part of our thinking each day.

I try to send energy and faith to all who are stressed and have to endure mood changes and inability to cope in a mad, mad and rushed world. We have to be patient and more careful the way we handle people less confident and unsure of themselves.

Try to care for the environment,
The animals and birds need our smallest efforts to make their place in the world easier.
Tired public workers, nurses, street cleaners, the garbage collectors and the  guy who says Good Morning wherever you go…are the ones who need a friendly smile. It is good that we learn to  stand in line and are considerate of old folks trying to cross the road. 
NOW WE HAVE TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN TO RESPECT THEIR TEACHERS AND FRIENDS   at school and on the sports field.  Their job is so difficult and  very few  parents could do this for one day.
Discipline and order create healthy borders and define what we are allowed to do and what is expected of us in our home, school, society and environment. 

We live in a fast growing society in Israel Appreciate the systems that work and make life easier like trains, buses and public services. Try to use Libraries and have respect for books and CD’s that you loan.

Respect the environment, this is the heritage we are going to leave for our grandchildren.

Pray for our land Israel and peace in the world.

Love and light. Rona


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Washington Fan said...

Thank you Rona! I have never met you before but do not believe you could better embody and comfort the people of Israel from all over the world with your words of serenity.
Thanks so much!
-Fan from Issaquah, Washington