Sunday, June 26, 2011


Summer holidays are fun, lots of quality time, and heaps of cooking and foods to have on hand for  constantly hungry folks at home.  Moms need energy to cope with the meals, entertaining all day and keeping cool.
So take paper and pen and start thinking. You need a shopping list. You must have a diary with all the names of friends where the kids visit. Phone numbers and cell phones and the number where you can reach parents and grand parents.

 Have a picnic  box ready for trips.  Plates, cutlery, glasses and serviettes. Some wet wipes and a few paper towels  Have dishes that can hold ice cubes, fresh fruit and peeled vegetables. Bottles of water are vital.
First aid box. 
  A must. Have vinegar for stings and bites. Prepare a sun tan aloe lotion. Have alcohol wipes, bandages   and plasters. Keep a scissors and tweezers for splinters.  Keep a few tablets for head aches, runny tummies, constipation, muscle cramps and tooth ache. I like to have  an anti histamine cream and  allergy tablets.  
Keep bottled water in the car and a few towels. Always be prepared , like the boy scouts. Have string, a flash light and matches. Keep    distilled water for the car and extra oil for the engine. I like to keep a cushion and blanket in case one of the kiddies does not feel well. Have the numbers
of the pick up truck in case you are stuck and numbers of the service you use for a flat tire.

 You need paper and crayons, clay for little kids, wools and needles, beads and  wire to thread them. Model planes and wood crafts for the guys. Lego and games to build are great. Boxed games are terrific. Have crafts like making gift cards, painting wooden spoons, frames and doing decorative pots for plants.  Kids like to bake and cook and that is useful and teaches them something they always participate in.  
]Be brave , allow them to paint a wall or two in their bedroom. This will cause a general clean up and moving all the stuff in there. They will enjoy the activity and do it well as they will want to show it of afterwards to friends.


Plan well in advance The best tickets, and good values are caught by early birds. Arrange with mothers to travel together. While one parks the other sees to the kids, re drinks and seating arrangements and visits to the rest rooms in cinemas and theatres.  Also remember that two Moms together can cope better.
Dads and Moms love to have an evening out without the kids on their heads, a break from hectic daily schedules. Make sure they do this. They too need quality time to be with each other.

   The kids need to know that they can be socially involved with   
 giving back to the community. Let them volunteer once a week, help older folds, baby sit for a friend, paint the fence for an older couple. or simply do the shopping for some one who cannot cope with this chore any more. Helping should be unconditional and a natural act  The people who give,have better values of what matters in life
Extra studies.
 If the kids need extra tuition, arrange this that it happens and allows the kids to still enjoy the day. Learning should be a privilege and they must appreciate the extra chances they receive.


If a kid wants to learn to ride a horse, play the guitar or piano, study science and chess, let him have a chance. Doing one thing that scares you, might make the holiday and change your life. I had a friend who wanted to sing and dance. She was six and did just that
 Learning a new language, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew  French or Spanish, could be fun too.

 So to all of you  have fun. Take time to share and time to be a friend.


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