Saturday, March 3, 2012


We all like hot, warming winter meals. Stews, soups,casseroles, roasts, quiches and meals in a bowl. Pasta and rice dishes, couscous and lentils, grains and baked vegetables are all easy to prepare. Then comes the end and everyone is looking for a yummy dessert.

You can create easy, fast fruit desserts, served with custards, cream, ice cream and hot chocolate sauces. The kids love a chocolate slice and chocolate sauce, a ball of ice cream and a favorite candy bar. I use a lot of baked apples, poached pears and lightly fried bananas rolled in coconut. Make a bowl of mixed seasonal fruits and serve with a meringue.

Take time to light a few candles, use a cheerful colored cloth and make the table look warm and inviting. I am crazy about the range of SAFFRON MARIGOLD cloths and serviettes. They are hand designed and wash so well.

Take time in winter to cook ahead and have soups, casseroles and some baked products ready.
Remember that a good winter lunch still needs a supper a few hours later. Keep extra breads, rolls, cheeses , eggs and salad ingredients at home .

Hot apple cider, tasty chocolate and cocoa drinks and a hot cup of tomato soup are a welcome change to start a meal.
Have a cosy winter
Love and light

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