Wednesday, July 25, 2012


 Summer time is the chance to eat lightly, drink more and make the day  fun and laughter.
If you have a beach, enjoy it. Take time to walk in the garden and find corners of shade to sit read, to think and relax.
I n a neighborhood of good walking areas and tree lined streets, meander and enjoy the cultivated beauty and nature at its greenest and beauty.

Make the day last. Let sunset and early evening be relaxed and find time to meditate and think about the joy of sunlight, blue skies
 and rolling waves at the sea.

Quick ideas for an evening snack................sliced or cubed watermelon, grated Bulgaria n cheese on top and lots of mint leaves that are finely chopped. Serve with a glass of wine

Fruit salad in a large bowl . Cut all kinds of fruit, chopped STEAMED apples, two teaspoons of pine nuts, two teaspoons of chopped dried fruit and half a cup of orange juice. The apples can be used fresh, not steamed, if they are chopped up at the last minute, to avoid discoloring. I add a few mint leaves and sometimes apple juice instead of orange juice. Serve with ice cream or yogurt, buttermilk or  custard. Serve fruit salad cold and in a comfortable dish or ice cream bowl. You can add a few grenadilla pips or pomegranate pips for  a different look.   Enjoy

Baked cold apples that are cored and filled with fruit and nuts. Serve with custard or ice cream, with wholewheat toast and butter..................................

Platter of cubed cheeses, cut up fruits and vegetables with  good whole wheat breads or grain breads. You can have these with a glass of wine or chilled cava.   Make the meals attractive and keep chilled .

Make  a few blintzes with a  filling of cheese and freshly cut up fruit with a bit  freshly blended fruits like strawberries, or berries. Serve with a jug of yogurt or ice cream.

Make a herbed  omlette and roll with spouts or asparagus and serve with whole wheat bread. The omlette can have diced avocado, sliced tomatoes, pickled cucumbers in it or a few herbs and cream cheese

People like  lightly sauteed and herbed mushrooms with eggs as well. You can do  a tomato  sauce and create a Shakshuka or do eggs with fresh spinach and grated cheese, chopped onion salt and pepper. Add a few chopped  parsley leaves and it looks lovely

Always set the table with a few blooms, serviettes and extra jugs of water, ice and fruit drinks.

Enjoy is the best season and you can make it splendid
 Love and ligh...............Rona


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