Saturday, August 4, 2012



 I love easy family and friend meals at sunset time. Just a few breads, spreads, hummus, techina, a plate of cheese and cut up vegetables.  Add a few hard boiled eggs, olives , cucumbers and the work is done.

I make a large bowl of fruit salad and this can be a meal with ice cream, yogurt, buttermilk or light cream
 Just dice the fruits, add pomegranate pips and grenadilla pips. The watermelon can be left in a separate bowl with a few chopped mint leaves. I prefer people to mix their own fruit, as the watermelon can spoil the other fruits if mixed too early. I add diced pears and grated feta, Bulgarian cheeses and a few pine kernels as well.   Do not use a small bowl. A good large bowl makes food look good. Clear glass is the best.
Add the flavor of  honey, a few drops   pomegranate syrup or a teaspoon of Silan, the date honey.

You can make a cool salad of melon cubes, diced pears, chopped mint leaves and  grapes. Add a cold can of apple juice and chill well. When you serve add a teaspoon of grated coconut.

I serve a good ice cream in a glass  with a drizzle of grenadilla pips poured over, chopped plums, grated apples and a drizzle of maple syrup over all of it

Take a large tray and arrange cubed and sliced cheeses on grape leaves or on a bed of lettuce leaves. Add little dishes that have  cheese dips, tomato spreads, pesto sauce,  cheese dips and chopped pickled cucumbers and olives. Everyone can help themselves to make a platter. Serve all kinds of grain breads and rolls on the side  with butter and cheese spreads .Cherry tomatoes and  a grated bowl of carrots ,chopped parsley and dill , diced cooked beets and  artichoke hearts make it all very festive.
Provide a large plate for everyone, cutlery and they will be happy. Serve fresh juices or a jug of Gazpacho on the  side.   Easy meals let the family relax and the hostess can be part of a happy meal.  Enjoy your summer  Love and light Rona

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