Sunday, July 14, 2013


I like the idea of having a fridge full of vegetables and fruits. You can create two or three salads in thirty minutes and have a meal that simply needs additions of nuts, dried fruits and some quick extra nourishment ideas.

GREEN SALAD.  This is a basic  Go for lettuce, kale, spring onions, broccoli,  spinach leaves and some mint leaves. Wash, pat dry and arrange in a bowl. Make a dressing of  a red onion, juice of one lemon, salt , pepper, dried or fresh parsley and blend with two teaspoons of olive oil. Pour over and serve with crushed walnut or pecans on top and a few thinly sliced washed dried apricots or dried tomatoes.   You just need a few boiled eggs, olives, bred and butter and the meal is ready  Enjoy.

CABBAGE, CARROTS, KOHLRABI, APPLES OR PEARS.  Cut the cabbage very thinly. Use three cups of cabbage, two grated carrots, one grated kohlrabi   and two grated apples or three cubed pears.  Mix these  and arrange in a bowl. Then make a dressing of  juice of an orange ,juice of a lemon, three teaspoons techina sauce and two chopped dates. Blend all with a little olive oil and mix in and ,decorate with a few chopped almonds. Serve with  omelettes, quiche or with baked potatoes.

 BEETROOT, APPLES, KALE AND CABBAGE.   Grate three beets, two apples, chop a cup full of Kale leaves and two cups of cabbage. Mix all and dress with  one red onion, two teaspoons horse radish, called chrain, juice of a lemon, salt and pepper and sprinkle sunflower seeds all over the top. great salad with whole wheat bread,  humus, techina. olives and lebane.

Enjoy and remember cover the salads and leave in the fridge until you need them at the table.

 Love and light for happy meals  Rona

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