Sunday, August 18, 2013

new year desserts.


At the end of the evening, when all the food has been consumed and guests have enjoyed conversation and a good time together, we serve the sweet ending. Please believe me, there is always space for the sweets things at the end of a meal. Even the people on a careful eating routine, will have something to taste and enjoy.

I use a large tray or glass plate. Doilies or individual cookie cups look good with the sweets in them
The best way is to set them out in rows,or in circles.

Use the following. Dates, good chocolates, nougat, almonds, halvah and marzipan, dried mango, small fruits like cherries or grapes. The grapes should be firm, red and white. I use nuts and dried raisins too. Baklava is a welcome sweet with a good coffee, and in season watermelon, Bulgarian cheese and arrack, is great.
Good toffees and candies always fit in anywhere………………

Strawberries, and small fruits in season, are a welcome addition to any candy plate

Dates. Wash and slit the dates and fill with pieces of marzipan that has been rolled in coconut.

Apricot and raisin clusters.
113g plain chocolate, 2 large tablespoons honey, 55grams chopped dried. apricots and 55 grams of seedless raisins.
Break chocolate into pieces and put into a bowl with the honey. Stand bowl over a saucepan of hot water. Stir the mixture. Add chopped apricots and raisins. Drop teaspoons of the mixture into small paper cups. Decorate with a small cherry or nut.

Chocolate Fingers.
See the recipes of 25th July 2009–

Chocolate truffles.
These are features in the column of 25th August 2008.

Date Balls
A favorite candy. Easy to make and you can freeze these and remove as needed.
Look at the article of 18th August 2008

I use slices of nougat and dip the ends in melted chocolate.

These can be served in squares in a paper cup.

Apricot and almond candies.
I soak twelve dried apricots in a little liquor overnight. Just enough to cover the apricots. Then I cut them tiny and mix with four tablespoons of crushed almonds and a little ginger. Roll into balls and coat with coconut.

Enjoy you sweet platter of delights with a good coffee or a well chilled glass of Recanatti dessert wine.

Have a sweet year. Love and Light Rona

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