Saturday, March 29, 2014


 Check out the market and see what is available fresh and in season for Passover. Mushrooms can be a great meal. with  mashed or baked potatoes. Sweet potatoes can be diced and grilled in the oven with herbs and served over a fresh salad. There are amazing root vegetables that you can grill with olive oil, rosemary, mint and herbs.  
 I like to use many different stir fry dishes for Passover. I use broccoli, sweet potatoes, potatoes, mushrooms, lots of chopped herbs, diced peppers, carrots and kohlrabi. Spice with  fresh Tekoa ginger and dates. Add lots of chopped onions, red onions , cloves of garlic and some chopped cashew nuts. 
 Kale and chopped spinach can be lightly fried in olive oil with chopped walnuts, onion,s garlic and salt and pepper. This is quick and easy and can be added to an omelette and rolled  and served with warmed up Matzos. Go to my blog and find stir fry dishes and easy beets, dates  and    vegetable ideas.
Use fresh fruits for easy salads, strawberries with cream or ice cream. Yogurt is an excellent idea with fruits. Add a few pine nuts and juice of mandarins and oranges, pomegranate pips and chopped fresh dates. I soak the dates in wine or fruit juice and add to the fresh fruits salad. Bake apples with cinnamon and a good tea bag in the oven. Prick the apples, add cinnamon and the tea bag and bake  . Lovely with yogurt or  ic


Have a fun week of Passover.  Love and light Rona

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