Thursday, May 8, 2014

Life in Israel is very eclectic, exciting and there is something for everyone , everywhere. A few weeks ago we visited the NAMAL Port area of Tel Aviv. It is next to the Reading area at the entrance to the 24/7 city of tel Aviv. Every Friday there is a delightful Market of fresh vegetables , fruits and cookies, cakes, honeys, olive oils, cheeses and the best ever organic nuts, dried fruits and delectable exotic items too The variety of breads and deli items are endless.

I always buy Carrot cake, cinnamon cake and cookies from MAMELA. It is run by a creative baker who uses wholewheat, honeys, cinnamon and good ingredients. I freeze them for using later and find this very successful.

Near Mamela is a couple who aell the most amazing vegetables and fruits. try the black cherry tomatoes, the black turnips, the large sweet radishes, the glorious artichokes and of course cherry tomatoes, sweet long red peppers and organic raisins and more.

It is a good feeling to buy local, from the growers, to chat to them and find out how to use the new products. The market has fabulous [places to eat and you will come away ready for next time, for more of the good stuff and for the ambience of a live, real food eporium

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