Sunday, August 24, 2014


Hi to all of you! It is the start of a new year of studies, activities and living on a busy campus. You guys have to remember to eat and drink logically. This Sane and Sensible food plan will help you to create a small food corner.

You need nourishment: wholesome foods, fruit and vegetables in season, healthy drinks and supplements

There is very little time to cook so shop carefully for products that are quick to prepare. Oats is a quick and easy breakfast. Simply put a cup of oats and a little salt in a saucepan of two cups of water. Cook on a low flame for ten minutes. You can eat it with honey, raisins, cinnamon, granola and milk. It is a nourishing and satisfying meal. 

These are the items you need to keep on hand: Yogurt, buttermilk, milk, cottage cheese, yellow cheese and olives. Have olive oil, grains, rice, pastas and some instant soups. Keep honey instead of sugar. Peanut butter and jams are good for sandwiches. There is a product called MARMITE and I recommend it for a spread on toast and as a hot drink. Just a teaspoon in boiling water is a broth you will enjoy
Soups are easy to make and you can literally throw in all vegetables and some lentils, barley, yellow lentils and chickpeas You need to eat grains, peas, hummus, techina, healthy grain whole-wheat breads, rye bread, rice crackers and whole-wheat pitot and crackers. Look at my former recipes and you will find soups, quinoa, rice and lentil dishes. They are simple to make and are nutritious. 

Milk products are necessary and a glass of milk, cottage cheese, yogurts, yellow cheese and cream cheese are great. Do not forget eggs, boiled and make easy protein meals of omelets and pancakes.

Skip sugar pops, junk nibbles and commercial drinks. They do very little for you. Water is the best drink. You can have boiling water in the morning with a squeeze of lemon in it. This is good for the system and cleans the throat. Eliminate caffeine at night and make yourself a hot milk drink with cinnamon and honey in it. Grapefruit is a good winter drink. Squeeze a grapefruit into a tall glass and add a little honey, and boiling water.

Remember to keep your teeth and gums in good condition. Floss daily and rinse the mouth with salt water a few times a week. 

Salty snacks, sugary cookies and commercial junk foods are of no value. Eat fresh apples, cucumbers, carrots, fruits in season for winter, like grapefruits, oranges and mandarins. Choose fruits and vegetables with beta carotene, red peppers, carrots, kohlrabi, loads of green herbs, onions and garlic too. 

Get into the habit of eating breakfast and taking foods for the mid morning snacks.
Peeled carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery and apples, bananas are great with a chunk of cheese. Easy and fast to do.
You are in charge of your health. Smoking and coffee are trends and style, but not an investment to your health or well being. When you are young, you take your body for granted. Don’t! Eat simply and sanely. You are worth the trouble. 
Study well, love what you are doing and put joy into each day.

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