Tuesday, September 16, 2014


We have many people who have  become Vegetarian and Vegan in the last few years. Plan the meals for New Year with dishes that are easy for everyone.  here are some easy and tasty ideas. 


  Cook four or five beets and peel the, let them cool.  Slice thinly and arrange on a plate with thinly sliced re d onions, flaked almonds and techina.  Serve cold

.  Cook ten carrots, slice them thinly and they cook fast.  Arrange in a bowl, ad half a cup of thinly chopped parsley,  a grated apple,  a dressing of two tablespoons olive oil, juice of a fresh lemon  and one tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.  Serve cold/

  RICE AND PEPPERS  .  Cook two cups of wholewheat rice.    Saute two onions thinly slice, two  crushed cloves of garlic, have a cup of parsley, a little dill and salt and pepper and half a cup of crushed walnuts or pecan nuts. Add salt and pepper and a teaspoon of honey and   a dash of cinnamon.  Mix all and   fill the red peppers, that were sliced in half and soaked in boiling eater. Arrange in an oven dish and bake for tem\n minutes  in a moderate oven.

OLIVE DIP  .  Open a tin of black olives, no pips. Place in blender, with salt, pepper, two tablespoons of olive oil,  ten cashew nuts. some parsley and four soaked  dried apricots.   Mix well and use as a spread on baked potatoes, with bread slices or  with  mozzarella and thinly sliced tomatoes.   Sprinkle  a dressing over the salad and arrange the olive spread  on the salad.

VEGETABLE PATTIES.   cook a few vegetables like pumpkin, carrots,  sweet potatoes,  potatoes and parsley.  Mash them all and form into patties. Mix in one grated apple and two teaspoons of linseed and two tablespoons of oats. Mix all and shape into patties. Keep in fridge for twenty minutes. Fry in hot oil or bake in and oven dish that you have wiped with olive oil.  You can soak three automates in boiling water, remove skins and crush the tomatoes over the patties in the oven. Medium oven Fifteen minutes.

  Look at my blogs for Dates, Beets, Potatoes, Hot and cold Soups New Year dishes and more.  Have a great New Year.
   Love  and light Rona 

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