Tuesday, November 4, 2014

  The Candy and Cake Store...I saw this delightful picture and felt I wanted to share the charm of it with you.  When we were kids , we saved our pocket money to buy candies, lollipops, bubble gum, candy sugar sticks and all that sticky stuff that was  pure sugar, but such fun.  I have many little cookie ideas in these pages for kids to make and enjoy.
 Let kids find easy recipes, for cookies, date and chocolate balls,  fudge, biscuits  they can decorate, health snack bars, crunchies made from oats, coconut candies and more.   There are peanut butter cookies, rice cookies, halva and date cookies and lots of nuts and  fruit cakes, meringue and macaroons to make.   Make a baking day and you can create fun plates for dessert on Friday nights, Sunday lunches or for special occasions.     When you bake with kids, they learn and it is a joy for life.   Have fun.  love and light ,  Rona

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