Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I always think that we take life for granted. If you live in Israel you take it for granted that the  summer is hot , humid, but soft nights make you forget the heaviness of the day. Each moment has its light and dark. Each day has its good and bad. Each person we meet has different  sides of a personality. We   behave and act one way for our family, friends,  associates at work and people we deal with  in society.   When we are mature enough to respect people for who they are, then we behave in   a more adult and appropiate way.  Try to be  kinder, more gentle with our words, careful with our thoughts and  more considerate with people who are from different cultures.   Being  a decent person gives you a better sense of value about who you are..    Look around at the people you admire. Think why you admire them. Check what you do daily that could be improved. In what way could you behave that would be inspiring and   enchance the way you feel at the end of a day about you as a person?    Take time to make a plan about living. Live life and love it. Make your day good by being aware of people along the way. No one is perfect, but strive to be a better person.   Life is about joy.   Live with happy moments you create. Make joy for good events and create happy days for those you love.

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