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TURNING THE CLOCK BACK. Tonight we turn the clock back for an hour in israel Many countries do things to capture the sunlight, to save electricity, to create more of the day for all kinds of reasons. I sometimes think what it would be like for many of us who would want the chance to turn the clock back for so many reasons.
As we get older time seems to fly. Maybe we plan so far ahead, projects of five or ten years, arrangements for a trip in two years, a dinner date in six weeks, plans for all kinds of treatments, and get togethers with family, friedns and people that make you feel good. that we push time into different slots.
But when I think of turning the clcok back, I imagine I would work harder at Maths, finish all my French homework, do further studies to enrich my literature, history and science , play the paino more, and perhaps be more serious about using my time in wiser ways. I would like to turn the clock back and find the precious time I needed to help others more. Time to have another cup of tea with people i loved, to finish conversations with people who stimulated me and to find the value of listening all the time.
I often think of issues I would have handled with more sensitivity, ways I would ahve behaved with more maturity and times when I could have said No I cannot do this instead of , of course I will. I grew up caring about everyone, the poor, , the people in pain and the ones who always had a crisis and needed you right now.
Turning the clock back to share time with loved ones is something we all think of, but in reality we stop the clock there or where we want to, and share thoughts, daily experiences with those people, family, friends animals and places we loved. Time heals woumds, pain and loss. Time gives you a rainbow you can color in the shades you need. Time is life in action. Be there to use it with enthusiasm.
I would have done more on a large scale as you can when you are young, dynamic and full of energy Our levels when we are young are endless and we could focus in a very strong way and work 24/7. You feel young inside, but the truth is, the time moves on and cannot be wound back to fulfill dreams and plans you wanted to finish. But it does not matter, the issues to deal with are the now.
So we do not think back and sweat, just live this moment with clarity, positive feelings and do everything to make life sweet, comfortable and good for all.
So take the time daily and use it with appreciation, gratitude and wonder. After all we use time and creating it is another matter. Take the time to dream, to re think your actions, to spend some of it just being yourself. The real you is a good spot to spend time with. You are the reflection of your innermost thoughts, make them good. Be happy and smile from the deep places
I wish you a lovely time each day. A recess in your mind to sort out dreams and more than anything have time to be a good person. The kind you look up to and admire. Begin with yourself. Love and light, Rona