Saturday, September 27, 2008


Gifts and tokens that express our feelings are part of our lives. There are many reasons to give a gift. It can be thank you, congratulations for an event or graduation, promotion, winning a game, academic success and more…………..the gesture of giving, sharing and taking time to create the gift, is special for the giver and the person who receives it. It has the power to say, I care and I thought about you and I wish you good tidings.

The value is not what you spent, it is the effort and thought.
Today there are so many solutions that you do not always have to spend time selecting, wrapping and delivering the gift. There are wish cards, vouchers, subscriptions for theatre, magazines, DVDs and home delivery of foods and flowers. Imagine receiving a voucher that allows you to order your flowers when you need them, pizza for a rushed dinner and a coffee coupon that just deducts the coffee from the card. So convenient. The one thing you have to do is remember the dates and events.

Let us start at the beginning. Buy a perpetual Birthday book. This will be a personal record of all the birthdays and anniversaries you need to remember. I use a yearly calendar for the festivals, graduations. Wedding and forthcoming events.

Have a drawer that has cards, colored pens, string, bows, cellophane paper, tissue and gift wrap. Brown paper is useful, few stickers and silk flowers. Buy plain cards and envelopes and the children can create their own cards,

There are standard gifts that work for all occasion. Chocolate is a favorite. It says I love you, sorry, thanks; this is something you like .You know it will not go into the exchange basket. I would not like to live on a planet that does not have chocolate.
Buy brands you know and check the ingredients and date of expiry. Read the ingredients and look for real cocoa and oils, not foreign substitutes and weird sounding preservatives, coloring matter and odd additives.

Being Sane and sensible, I like books, practical stationery, office equipment, music recordings, DVDs and subscriptions to good magazines. The National Geographic is a timeless and great gift. The standard of photography and informative articles fascinate all age groups. I personally love candles, natural fragrances and crystals. These elements give the home a relaxed and warm atmosphere.

Age is a determining factor. Young children like noisy toys, action and games their friends have.
Later you can give them good, long lasting wooden toys, Teenagers like music and the trendy things they see on friends. Designer labels and high fashion items. There is a need to go through this stage,. They would love a voucher at a good coffee house, or a record at a music store.

Our parents and grand parents always say they need nothing, they have everything.
Surprise them with a voucher for a florist that delivers flowers every two weeks or when they call, a gift voucher for a good restaurant, a subscription for a movie house in the area, , a massage , a week end at a spa or boutique hotel and last and not least The Opera House, the theatre with a box of chocolate and a driver to take them there. For people who need a hobby, a few bonsai trees or a small herb garden could provide hours of pleasure. An orchid might be the gift they never bought for themselves.

People, who led busy lives earning a living and bringing up families, might not have time to share their stories with you. Give them an easy tape recorder that they can chat into and it will be a treasure for the family for ever.

I hope you are spoilt this holiday, with love, hugs and gifts. Remember that many people never receive a gift. So if the guy who collects the garbage, the gardener, the lady at the post office, the clerk at the bank , or the street sweeper has made your life easier, a small gift , a pop in with a plate of home made cookies, will give them pleasure.
Have a week of good days, fun re unions, time to relax , smile and give thanks for where you are, who you are and what we have that makes life easier and more enjoyable.

Love and light Rona

P.S.If you would like to support projects that help others, when you purchase there, call me or email me .

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You are amazing. Shana Tova.
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