Friday, September 26, 2008


We all have occasions when we cook too much and there are left overs. Nobody wants to throw it out, but there is a problem. If you carelessly toss it into the fridge, it sits for two days and then looks at you. Most men will not eat left overs. Perhaps I am wrong, but tell me if you have ever seen a guy take out those little dishes from all the corners in the fridge and eat them?

I feel if it is worth re cycling, do it properly. First cool the food and cover it. Then place it in the fridge with a see through dish. Keep it covered. Pyrex is the best. Little covered up parcels are just there in transit to the bin. If I have a great deal of rice over, I freeze it. If it is vegetables, I turn it into a soup. If it is salad, with dressing, use it as a snack, because it does not last for the next day. If you prepare the salad without dressings and you do not add tomatoes, it is easier to keep.
When you throw out breads, crackers, crumbs and dry foods, pass them to the birds and animals outside. There are many ways to re cycle food and salad greens.

Keep the foods in the fridge in appropriate containers. Cheese wrapped and in a dish, vegetables and herbs in paper and dairy products on a shelf where you can read the date of expiry. Store cottage and cream cheese, humus salads. techina and dips in well closed containers.

A bit of ground coffee in a glass or little dish will absorb odors. Some bicarbonate of soda in water is a good cleaner and the glass can be wiped with vinegar. It gives the fridge a sparkling look. Keep the fridge well lit. Makes everything look more appetizing. Endeavour to teach everyone that sauces, jams and condiments, all need a clean spoon. With some effort, the products will not spoil. Nothing like opening the humus and seeing a dab of salad in it. Keep bottles well closed. Have good containers for olives and cucumbers. Do not leave a thing in a tin that has been opened.. Transfer the food to a covered dish

Try to cook the correct amount of staples. Check pastas for amounts. .When you make soups, stews, quiches and pies, you can freeze the extra, when cooled properly. Label everything in the freezer. Do not hoard heaps of frozen vegetables. Rather buy fresh, what is in season and locally grown.
Many people keep coffee, chocolates, halvah, flour, coconut, dried fruit and relishes, sauces and fruit in the fridge during hot days.
Remember to recycle the ice trays regularly. You can toss the ice on the plants or let it melt and use as water for flowers. It is fun to freeze ice cubes with mint leaves and add it to a jug of water. Looks lovely and tastes good. Toss a few slices of cut lemon and it looks terrific. Always use glass to store water in the fridge. I use empty wine bottles with lids. Much better than plastic.

Lastly remember to have a shopping list that enables you to buy carefully and wisely. Do not fall for the three for the price of one. Generally you do not need three……….. check the date of expiry and then decide. My grand son was with me once and I bought chocolate on the special and as I was checking the date, he piped up," Grand ma do not worry about the date, the three of us will eat them immediately. "

Rotate the dairy in the fridge. So this is about left overs and now I wish you to sit down and make a cup of tea and relax. Make a careful shopping list and remember to add cleaners for the kettle (vinegar) silver cleaners ,the kitchen counters, the ends of taps and drain holders, and cleaners for the kitchen bin.

Always have kitchen wipes handy for spills, absorbent towels for liquid mess, clean sponges to wash dishes, handy brushes for cleaning plates and gloves And for your precious hands. a hand cream is the final accessory for you. ……Housework is a chore and needs to be done. Do not see it as a bother, rather as a privilege that you can create a happy, clean and pleasant environment in your home for the family you love.

Feel happy that you can do all of this and sit down and smile.
Nothing in the world is as good as knowing that each day you are doing your best with an attitude that is happy and needs no reward. It is called unconditional loving and caring.
I think the greatest tribute is a kid coming home ,runs in and yells "Ma are you home?"
He knows where the cold water is , the popcorn and the lunch, you being there just makes it so much better.

Love who you are, know what you are worth and above all, appreciate the moment of now.

Have a great week………………………………………………………love and light Rona

P.S. Thanks for your interest. Coming soon, articles on carrots, cabbages, cucumbers, quinoa, grains and corn.

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