Thursday, April 16, 2009



I find it amazing that so many people do not put the full value on Holiday Seasons. We hear of how many people went abroad and found a place to be,simply not at home. I fail to understand what we want from life. We strive to buy a home, a car, to furnish the house with the best we can buy. We have pop up toasters, micros, coffee makers and every gadget designed to make life easier and more pleasant. And what do we do? We place the best dishes in the kitchen, decorate the place and eventually we decorate the fridge. with a bunch of" order in "magnets, deliveries of food concoctions and more.
Some years back I gave a talk on the Hostess……and I always find I change it annually,because the way we live changes and the priorities we think we need,are according to trend and style... We are so busy finding perfection, that we forget the value of a piece of toast and an omelets, a cup of tea with a scone, a cheese sandwich or a simple salad . You can enjoy this as much as the most lavish creation. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to set the table and buy a few foods that make for happy meals.

I love to eat out, go out and enjoy the ambience of new places, interesting faces and fun menus. But I feel that we should realize how lucky we really are. People who do not have homes, kitchens and the chance to live and eat well, would love the environments we take for granted.

Make each day special. Take pride in what you do in your home, to make it warm and full of care and love. Enjoy doing little things that spell out who you are. Find a chance to have friends for simple meals and enjoy the fact that they need just that. A happy hostess is better than a fancy meal.

Many people dread week ends and holiday seasons. They are alone, lonely and feel uncared for and unappreciated. We would all love the invitations to pour in and then we can choose the best ones. Hello? Wake up and realize that the best that happens is what you create.
Do not feel that everything is a bother, or too much to deal with. If you want the flowers to bloom, you have to prepare the soil and plant the seeds. The planning is the work and the doing just follows. Be ready to enjoy the task and it is all easier.

Rosh Hashanah, Passover, Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving or Chanukah are all work. But these holidays are memories for a life time. We always remember how and where we celebrated and shared the fun together at these magical times. You do not have to go over board to make them scintillating and great. You need effort, imagination, small gifts, easy menus and all the odd bits that make it all flow.

Sit down with the family and arrange the festivities. Who to invite, what to do, which foods to serve, what are the tasks each one will share..........
Have enough chairs and places for the guests to sit on. Plan the crockery and cutlery, glasses and serving dishes. People like to be eco friendly, so think about what you use or throw.
Do not be put off by the work. If you have the right attitude, it is fun and a joy. We are so lucky to have the facilities for sharing our homes with family and friends.
Plan carefully, work ahead and leave time to have a nap, a bath and relax, before the guests come.

Be happy with what you can do, We do not have to be perfectionists or place impossible tasks on your agenda. JUST BE YOU.. Do it all with a smile and have a great week of Festivals
Happy Easter and wonderful togetherness. LOVE AND LIGHT RONA

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