Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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Parents have a very hard time in this busy, competitive world. They are juggling life, jobs, relationships and bringing up the kid., It is not an easy job.I feel priorities are lost, confused and put aside for unimportant daily tasks and social ideas.

Nobody tells us how difficult the job will be. Yesterday some one sent me a list of what it costs to raise your kids, fees for college and all the needs of the modern age.. No one tells you that the sacrifice and duties are non ending and totally unconditional. You get up when you are tired, you do homework when your head hurts, you cook meals when you would rather have a half an hour sleep. You even smile when you feel like sitting down and having a good cry. Mothers and Fathers have extra responsibilities' The society has switched roles now. Sometimes Moms are bread winners, Dads work abroad and travel a great deal, granny and grand pa are in another country and families seem to live far from each other.
If you are lucky and have family support, never take it for granted. It is a gift to have love and caring down the road. It is joy to be able to call up and say I need help, and knowing some one will come. We need to count our blessings and embrace them

I read an interesting quote recently;
"In today's world parents find themselves at the mercy of a society which imposes pressures and priorities that allow neither time nor place for meaningful activities and relations between children and adults, which downgrade the role of the parents and the functions of parenthood, and which prevent the parent from doing things he wants to do as a guide, friend, and companion to his children."
Uri Bronfenbrenner. Russian born US Psychologist and advocate for families.
This set me thinking and realizing how precious child hood is. The everyday things are memories for life. We need to be responsible, caring and committed, to make the earlyyears happy, secure and precious

Holiday season is on the way. Don't complain that the kids will be home, under your feet and demanding all day. They need a break from routine, early morning rising and dead lines for buses, car pools, classes, after school activities, meals , bath times ………take the opportunity to make this a union of joy. The time you spend together is unique and a privilege. Make the holiday a time to remember

Take a moment to remember that the class room scene is tough. The teacher has to control, discipline, teach the kids something and put up with their moods, bad behavior and advice on how to do the work properly. Could you control forty kids for a year? Now you only have your two or three to deal with, so give a moment of thanks to the teachers who do their best all year…………………………

Firstly make a list of what you will do daily. Relax, beach, walks, trips to good nature spots , cooking a favorite dish and baking cookies and muffins. Paint the outdoor furniture. Take them shopping to choose paints, sand paper, brushes. gloves and learn the techniques. Paint their bedrooms in a swinging style of their choice.

Collect family photos and make albums, Write the events, dates and names next to each one. Create collages to frame. Make stencil drawings in graphic style. Tidy and file all certificates and awards. Put all cherished cards in memory boxes.

Ask the children if they have a special dream. Maybe to learn to play cricket, soccer or do a martial art. Perhaps the girls want to learn Flamenco or design beads. Try to give them a chance to fulfill a special wish.

Look at the newspaper or Internet and choose a show they would like to see. Check what the museums and galleries have on this month. Find places that have cherry picking, rides, kids activities and spend a day there.

The list is endless, but the main thing is to be happy and to cherish time with the family, that matter to you.
If you are a working mother, plan with others that they do morning outings and you have all the kids for a light snack and a movie at home one evening. Share the outings with friends. Go to visit zoos, factories, chocolate makers, newspapers printing presses, the fire men, a bakery and of course a wood shop and carpentry, a bee farm, the goat farm and cheese makers. The wineries and the flower and vegetable farms. have great tours.

Take time to go out with each child individually. They need the time and bonding. They appreciate having you to themselves and you will be amazed that they
'will chat and share moments with you that are impossible, when everyone else is around.
Do everything with enthusiasm, a positive attitude and love.When you live with a smile, the world is in colour and balance.
Love and light to all of you . HAPPY HOLIDAYS to the kids and to the parents, patience, love and enjoy the time with those you love.


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