Tuesday, June 2, 2009

out of africa ..be real


I suddenly rushed off to Africa and my readers were left without new reading. So here I am, home and happy to be on the key board.
As we travel all over the globe, we re unite with friends and family. Growing into ones senior years is an awakening. As we gaze at faces of times in the past, we see how the years have worn. They too are looking at us and see the lines, frowns that show the wear and tear of living. I feel glad that we have a tale to tell, a story to relate and know we have lived a life.
My brother Jack was hospitalized for most of my visit. And my sister, brother in law and Jack's wife, had lots of time to chat and reflect on the years that rolled by. We all have dreams for the children, plans for growing older, worries re older parents and of course the chit chat of places, faces, eating, living and making days worthwhile. . I found that there are galloping changes in South Africa, with new directions and the present generation in the cyber space age. We realized that many of us have our kids, all over the globe. We use skype, phones and any device for constant contact. We see them less but have access to their daily activities, outings and hourly contacts. We need our hobbies; friends and new activities to us keep busy and create a balance of living.

Balance is being real. Less masks, living with reality and truth, being just you. We watch the unexplainable behavior of personalities, public figures and leaders. It would be great if we could respect them for their example to others. Their poor conduct and weaknesses are disappointing. Corrupt ways and lack of morals, and the absence of a characteristic called truth, destroy many people. Role models should be inspirational and set a shining example
. Being just you is a tall order…. Be real, fair and satisfied with your lot.
Let balance replace confusion and pressures that are created out of nonsense. Find the feeling that what you can do, what you are able to cope with, is just fine. Take your time to give moments of shared pleasure with family, friends and co workers. Say "How are you" and listen to the answer. Offer to help in a crisis, lend an ear to troubled souls, share a joyful event and take moments of joy as a gift that is precious.

I recommend meditation, reading , exercise, bridge, sports, yoga, but more than anything, try to be satisfied with who you are, what you have done, helping others and all in all, BE CONTENT. This is a way of life. Grateful for what you have, happy with the little things each day and glad that you can give a hand to less fortunate people.
Your pets give you pleasure……………delight in this.
The flowers and gardens are a source of beauty and color, embrace it all.
Birds and the bees balance the delicacy of nature - acknowledge their presence.
We want our children to inherit a better earth, so we must prepare and preserve it all.

Love each day and do little things to give joy to others. Volunteer to help less fortunate people. Grow herbs on the window and place a fresh bloom in your home. Pick up an old novel you never had time to read. I JUST DID AND LOVED IT . Carson Mc Cullers The Member of a Wedding. She also wrote The Heart of a Lonely Hunter.
Learn a new hobby, play the piano, chess and scrabble. Challenge yourself with the cross word, Sudoku or spelling bees. In short, create joy.

Be glad you are well each day and let THANKYOU be in your mind, We cannot take anything for granted. LIFE IS A BEAUTIFUL GIFT, KEEP IT WELL, SAFE AND CARE FOR IT DAILY. WISHING YOU A WEEK OF LIGHT RONA


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marcelle said...

Hi Mom
Missed your daily words of wisdom. It is good to have you back with new thoughts and experiences. xxx Mk

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Dear Rona,

Love to read your "words of wisdom"..they are so true and relaxing, and refreshing...love the recipies you post...please keep on posting...love,erika