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How about eating logically?
We would all like to walk in after a days work and find the table ready with a nutritious meal to enjoy. The concept of a family is different from a hundred, years ago. The place of work has changed. It could be a plane flight away or in the basement of your home. Work places demand early rising, long hours and returning home late. So some one has to create a home. Often the wife has an equally demanding job as the husband, or the family care for elderly parents too. All in all, eating and having a logical pattern of nutrition in the home, demands commitment and a serious look at what you need.

Shopping has to be planned logically and with the needs of the health of the family in mind. No one is going to do it for you. You must sit down with paper and a pen and discuss this serious subject.
1. How many people are in the home during the week? Who is there for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
2. Are there babies, kiddies and vegetarians, people who cannot tolerate wheat, or diary products, older folks or some one with diabetes?
3. What storage facilities do you have? Freezers, fridges, a grocery unit or a pantry?
4. What amount of the budget can you put aside for food, fruits and vegetables? Your budget needs to have something put aside for nosh and fun foods too.
5. Where do you have a good supermarket near you? What hours are convenient for you to shop there? Do they deliver? Have you enough time to go once or twice a week?
6. Do you have the correct storage containers, food boxes for lunches, wrapping papers for sandwiches, and freezer packets? I do not include aluminum or oily plastic wraps….You need basic parchment and brown bags.
7. Be ecologically aware that you need shopping bags and baskets for purchases A picnic box with ice is useful for bringing foods home in hot weather. I always plan to buy those things nearer to home. Recycling is important and we all need to be conscious of this, Bottles, bags, and boxes can be re used.
8. Remember that it is a good plan to shop when you are not starving. The temptations to buy junk are sure to fill your basket with every thing useless and of no food value. This does not include chocolate and pop corn. No TV show is complete without those fun foods.


When you have been ill, under the weather, or had surgery, the body needs recovery time. Nutritious foods, enough liquids , exercise, walking , good sleep and meditation are necessary Have three balanced meals and two small nutritious snacks twice a day. Do not eat hunched in a TV chair. Eat relaxed, sitting at the table and eat slowly. If you are at work, clear a space and create an area that is for eating.

The company of friends, is vital for a recovery to health. No need to go wild, an omelet, sandwiches, a good coffee and cake, a light meal is enough to create and enjoy together.
Buy rye breads, ten grain breads, rolls and French loaves for quick sandwiches.
Have good spreads ready. Use dried tomatoes in olive oil, pestos, mustards, techina, humous, good cheeses, herbed butters, low fat cream cheeses, olive oil, honey, nuts and dried fruits. Boil eggs, have sardines, olives and fresh vegetables, lettuce, herbs. tomatoes, cucumbers , onions and garlic handy.

Mango and cream cheese sandwiches.

Take good bread and spread some olive oil on this Spread a little cream cheese and slice mango over this in layers, Sprinkle some honey over this and grill for three minutes Serve with some good beverage.
Eggs and Parsley, grilled onions and garlic.

Boil eggs in a pot with a handful of parsley in it and some curry powder, The eggs will be a great color and taste different. Remember when you boil eggs, wash them first.
Mash with grilled onions and garlic. These can be lightly fried or grilled the day before. Spread over good bread or on rolls. Herbs can be added and some pepper and herb salt. Grill and serve.
Cheddar cheese , pickles and mustard mix.

Spread mustard on the bread, a little olive oil, thin slices of cheddar cheese, and pickled cucumbers. Serve on a bed of lettuce
Vegetarian sausages and tomatoes.

Slice vegetarian sausages into long thin slices. Place over mustard on bread and cover with thinly sliced tomatoes. Grill for three minutes and serve with a light salad and some walnuts on the side.
Pesto and tomatoes, mozzarella and freshly sliced chives

Cover rolls or fresh bread with pesto, mozzarellas cheese slices, tomato and lots of chives, Serve with boiled eggs and olives.
Take time to shop well and the easy meals just appear out of the fridge. You need to serve a sandwich on a large plate. Place it on the side with a salad medley next to it and sprinkle the plate with herbs, zatar or sumac. It looks great. I often prepare thinly slice red onion, soaked in balsamic vinegar. These are a great d├ęcor and give the plate the look of elegance. If you have a grape leaf, lettuce leaves or lots of parsley , use this as decoration.
Eat well and make the ambience fun.
Love and light for a good week. Rona

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