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We all know summer is a great time for fruits, cold desserts, ice creams and lots of sugary drinks. But be realistic You have to watch what you eat and indulge in. It is best to start the day with water and some lemon squeezed into it. The idea of having a glass or two of water, before you eat breakfast is excellent. It tones the body, is good for the bowels and in general you need the liquid.
I like to eat breakfast and I was chatting to friends today about this meal. The husband likes to have his fruits with oats, blended like a drink. The wife likes yogurt, nuts, and granola with her fruits. They look great, so I am sure it works

I like breakfast and use the NUPLUS mix with water or milk. I add fruits or granola and yogurt, for my early morning mix.
If you like protein, try to poach your egg. My fool proof way is to pour water into a STAINLESS STEEL pan. Let it boil and add the eggs, herbs, tomato, onions and garlic. This will cook slowly and it is great. No butter, no oils or fats. There is the feeling that we should use stainless steel in preference to all the coated pans that seem to be in fashion.

I always tell people that breakfast is vital. No good going to work with no food to create energy. You will be more relaxed if you get up earlier, eat slowly, allow time for the body to function and go to work in a relaxed physical state. Kids must get into the habit of eating at home in the morning. Junk food is not an option. It is fast and foolish stuff that only sets a palate for more junk. You are responsible that the home has good choices early in the morning. It is more important to shop properly that fluffing the dust off the piano.

Have good breads, yogurt, white cheeses, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, carrots, eggs and good cereal choices, like flax, oats and bran. Hummus and techina are good too. For drinks, do not depend on sugared fruit juices, water is a better choice or soya or rice milk.. For a sweetener I use the Sun rider Stevia. Honey or organic agave syrup.

For seniors I recommend a good breakfast, a 10.30 snack of fruit and an early lunch with protein in it. Have your vegetables with the protein. For tea time snack, a fruit juice like tomato or carrot juice is good. Beetroot juice with a few ice cubes is excellent. Dinner should be light with a variety of salads. You need good breads and cereals to balance the body functioning, a few figs, prunes, apricots and nuts too. Compote for dinner with light toast and white cheese is very good. Have cold soups as starters and easy to digest proteins at night. Make sure you drink adequate liquid all day.
If your bowels are sluggish you can buy the Flax seeds at a good health store and ask them to grind the pistan flax seeds. Keep them in the fridge. These can be bought at the EDEN food emporium. I use a teaspoon or two with yogurt once a day.
Eat a variety of salads. Focus on the greens, yellows and reds. Spinach, broccoli,.cabbage, parsley, spring onions cucumbers fennel and chives and lettuce are good greens.
For yellows go to carrots, yellow peppers and steamed sweet potatoes and pumpkins. Reds include tomatoes, sweet peppers, radishes beets and of course some red onions. Garlic and onions are important.

You can steam vegetables for easier digestion. Use natural salad dressings. Olive oil, lemon juice .herbs and spices.
I like to wash fruits and vegetables with SUNSMILE FRUIT AND VEGETABLE RINSE.

For ideas look at Salad dressings…published 25 th April 2009.
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I know many of us need to cleanse the bodies, so drink more, eat slowly, chew well and eliminate eating after dinner in the evening. Have a light and easy summer. Love and light Rona

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