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I often think of how many cups of caffeine we consume, simply because they are instant, quick and require no effort. A teaspoon of hot water and presto, the quick fix. No one stops to think if it is good for us, has bad side affects or if it keeps us awake and really is only instant gratification …………….

My late husband, Jeff, was a pharmacist as well as a Homeopath and Naturopath. He loved making concoctions. During winter he always went into the garden, picked a few grapefruit and made his "Hot Grapefruit Drink" that everyone loved. Simply squeezed half a grapefruit per person into a jug, a dash of honey and boiling water. It worked; it was tasty and felt good in the system. We can make quick lemon drinks like this, add honey or cinnamon and they are a satisfying drink.

I remember my Mom, used to warm up the milk, pour it into the tall glass and we were given a square of chocolate to drop in and stir. It was simply wonderful.

I would like to see cocoa used for kids for hot drinks. Simply add a little honey and make the drink with milk, soya milk or almond milk.
There is a great product called Almond Cream. It is created in Jerusalem from fresh almonds The local name is Skedia. The almonds are cold pressed and it has the consistency of peanut butter. Many mothers use this as an alternate choice to cows milk. You need to know what age they start with it and how to mix it. It is written on the container. For the kids and adults, just boil milk and spoon this in. You can add a drop of vanilla or cinnamon, honey or agave syrup. The kids and adults will love it. Better than sweetened sugary drinks and caffeine loaded mugs.
There are two other drinks I love for the whole family. Ovaltine and Milo. The basic chocolate drinks are good if the ingredients are pure cocoa and non harmful additives. Just check the ingredients and who manufactured the drink, and of course the dates.

If you have had dental work, suffer from sore gums or gum infections, drink the famous Rona's cure for all. Simply boil the water and pour two cups into a jug with six or seven cloves. Let it stand for a few hours and drink the tea. It works wonders.

I also like the cure for stuffy noses, colds and any flu symptoms. Cut up two onions, place in a pot with three cups of boiling water. Cover with the lid and drink FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. When you have this on an empty stomach, it clears the mucous, cleans smoker's throats, and relieves stuffy noses. You will feel the differenceI in a few hours.

This is a natural quick drink and relieves the heavy winter feeling. Drop the contents of the sachet into a cup of boiling water and you have an excellent drink. ….no additives and a healthy choice. You can order from Aaron at 480 203 2871 in the States or ask me about it in Israel.


Stand near the onions and cut them up into tiny slices. Then place the five cut up onions into six cups of water, add half a cup of parsley, a leek, a little dill, a clove of garlic or two and salt and pepper. Grate in one carrot for color. Slowly cook this until the ingredients are soft. You can have the soup a few times a day.

Have bowls of onions in the kitchen, a few garlic lying around and a jar of honey , lemons and citrus foods in a large bowl. Grapefruit, guava, mandarins, oranges, nectarines, lemons, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli and cabbage, lettuce and green herbs and avocadoes are great for snacks.

Make this a good week. Love and light RONA

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