Tuesday, October 20, 2009



At the beginning of winter, we all feel the days are too short and dark falls too early. We still hang onto the summer joys. Often this is the time to start prevention ideas for winter ailments.
Firstly, you need to be warmer at night. Sleep with a blanket that is handy to use if you feel cold. Make sure the kids are covered and tucked in. We forget with the stylish duvets, that half the night they lie on the floor and the kids are uncovered and cold.
Old people need a light cover and air in the room too. Make sure they can reach a light, panic button, or phone and no little rugs next to the bed. Either a floor cover or large carpet. Slipping is often the result of being half asleep or in a hurry to go the bathroom. The kiddies need nightlights for security and to help them find their way when they are half asleep.

I do not like all kinds of wake up clocks, cell phones, TV's, radios and other electrical gargets in the bedroom.

Start the day with a glass of water. Drink this when you have washed your teeth,
Have a healthy morning drink ....not coffee on an empty stomach.
Start with 1. A glass of boiled water with a slice of lemon in it and a bit of honey.
2. Have the same drink with the addition of one teaspoon of oive oil. This is great for the bowels, skin and general health..
3. For people who have scratchy and sore throats, dryness and problems with catarrh, add some ginger to the morning drink. You can grate it into the drink, or prepare the drink the night before. This is how I do it. I use fresh ginger or two ginger candies. Boil the water, use two glassfuls. Add the ginger and cover the glass. In the morning drink the water and eat the ginger, or drink it and top it up for later.
4. Cranberry Juice is great to fight infection, Supposed to have components that fight E.coli bacteria . I recommend half a glass topped up with water once a day.
5. Orange juice, grapefruit , mango and apple are good in season. Do not gulp them down, as they need to be taken slowly and let digestion begin in the mouth. Vegetable juices, carrot, celery, parsley, tomato, beetroot and smoothies with a blend of all, are great. Especially good for people post operations and having cancer treatments.

You will feel the difference that honey, lemon and ginger make to health. The old fashioned remedy of crushed cloves of garlic and honey with a grated onion, prepared the night before, is a great tonic for kids against colds and infections . Just a teaspoon of the tonic in the morning for kids, older folks and in fact all of us.......................a teaspoon a day, keeps colds away.

Breakfast is a must. No one must leave without a cereal that is cooked. Use oats and add honey, cinnamon or a little brown sugar. There are other cereals that are good too, but not the general commercial things that we do not know what happens in order to prepare them.

I like a fruit and yogurt breakfast with nuts and raisins.
Kids like toast and an omelets too. Make sure they eat slowly and comfortably. This will make the difference to their day AND TO THEIR STUDIES.

Washing hands before eating, after toilet and touching all the grime on subways, buses and in the streets generally, playing with birds and animals, need a good wash with soap and water. Encourage the family to make this a priority all the time.

Start the winter with walking, breathing, yoga and time outdoors every day. Take time for reflection and doing hobbies indoors when the suns sets. Find time to catch up on yourself…………………………………………………………………………………………

Love and light RONA


Leora said...

Nice tips. Wish my kids could stand the taste of garlic.

I sometimes add some mini wakame (baby seaweed) to my ginger tea.

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