Saturday, November 7, 2009

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So often I hear people my age say that they are left exhausted by Friday night dinners, family lunches. The most tiring job is taking care of the kids for a week end…..they cannot cope with the responsibility and the physical demands that last 20 hours a day.

When we are able to juggle with 24 hours, we use all our energy and imagination. But at some point, we feel drained of all of it. Energy levels are lower, physical ability is less and the arduous task of being in control,is just too much.

I feel that re arranging get togethers, needs a little consideration of your age, the space you have to prepare in, and of course, your ability to shop. The labor involved and the cost, play a role in senior citizens lives. Do not be shy or embarrassed to say……."kids . it is not as easy as it used to be". We all love the company, the sharing of the tales of the week, the family gossip and stories. No one wants to be alone for special times, holidays and birthdays, but as we are older, we need a little help.

I suggest that we meet with the kids and discuss it all. Do not cancel get togethers just re-arrange them. Perhaps change them to high tea or a cold meal, and less courses.
I feel it is easier to arrange a buffet meal and everyone helps themselves. Only the older folks and little kids are served their food at the table. There is no problem with any family as to helping with a course. Perhaps one of them bring the main course, or desserts.

When the kids tell you they have a free week end with co workers in Singapore, Paris and Rio de Janeiro, and need you to babysit,………………………. take a deep breath
Babies, young kids and teen agers , have different needs. You will have a lot of responsibility for any of the age groups. You will not be sleeping the whole night. The babies will yell or you will hold you eye lids open with a match stick, waiting for the discos to close at three in the morning. You will need a first aid box, sewing box and of course many, many snacks that are needed all day and night. So in order to cope, do not expect to use the phone, meet friends watch any TV ,plant crops on Farmville,,,,or have time to shop. No hope.
Plan all the food well in advance, have lots of food in the fridge and make sure the dogs and cats have their snacks ready in the house.
A week end is really four nights…………………they kids leave three am on Wednesday morning. They return on Saturday night at three…………………so four nights with no sleep, is a week end.

Arrange a programme, when the kids go out, when they do home work, when they have friends over and most important, when do the TV and lap tops go to sleep?

I advise you to smile and gear up for days of love and fun. You do not have to teach or discipline them One of the kids will complain if you do. Your daughter in law will feel you are strict and the son in law, will say, it is not your job to discipline the kids. You just have to cat nap during the day and be alive for any unexpected event for the week end of four nights.

The bottom line, is never miss a request to help… You kids need the time to be together and if you can make it possible......just do it..........…it is worth every drop of your energy…, love, love and count your blessings.

Smile and have fun. That is what memories are made of. Love and light Rona

The next blog if about Thanksgiving.

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Beautiful, so true!