Saturday, November 14, 2009

mothers . unconditional love. caring. sharing


November 15th is the date of my Mother , Sonia's birthday.
Every year I light a candle and celebrate the beautiful woman she was. I share the love with my brother Jack and wife Eleanor, and my younger sister Helena and her husband , Peter. My children and grand children know how we all loved her, respected her and held her close to our hearts as a beacon of love, warmth and appreciated this lovely woman.

Sonia was a talented milliner, seamstress, could do anything with her golden hands. Her baking of cakes, cinnamon buns, taiglach, kichlach, pereg/poppyseed cakes and cheese cakes were amazing. She could make the best soups, stews, jams and relishes, canned yellow, cling peaches, guavas and cookies, real ice cream and melt in the mouth cookies.
My Mom's kitchen was an emporium of aromas, jars of goodies and bubbling pots filled with delicious foods. Her heart was a store house of memories, love, hugs and kisses.

Mothers are special gifts to all of us. Do not take a Mother for granted. She will do anything for you, love you unconditionally and stand when she is tired, smile when tears are close, support you no matter what, listen, when she would rather go to sleep.
Do not imagine they grow on Farmville, or appear on Facebook, or can be replaced from the super market. Mothers are the most precious thing in your life. A Mom is one of the things you need to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and every day.

Mom's Scones
2 cups of flour. 4 teaspoons of baking powder.
2 teaspoons of sugar. 1/2 teaspoon of salt
4 tablespoons of butter . 2 eggs
1/3 cup of cream or milk. {soya milk is good too}

Mix and sift the dry ingredients . Work the butter in.
Add the beaten eggs {Keep a little for the top}
Add the cream. Toss the dough on a floured board and roll a quarter of an inch in thickness. Cut into squares or rounds . Bake at 180 or 450 for 15 minutes.
Dry on a cookie rack.
Serve with butter, jams and cream.


1 cup of self raising flour.
2 tablespoons butter. A pinch of salt,
I beaten egg, beaten with a little cold water.

Rub the butter with the flour and salt. {you can add 1 teaspoon baking powder}
Mix in the egg and water. Roll dough into a ball and chill for an hour or two. Use on a slightly oiled pie dish, baking tray or pitza tray.

I often add some dried rosemary or herbs to the dough, or a few chopped dried tomatoes.
You can make the bases and freeze them until needed.
For individual quiches, simply make them ahead of time in appropriate containers and freeze.

Natural ice cream

1 cup of milk. 1 tablespoon of a good liquor or brandy.
1 packet of vanilla pudding.
1 cup of thick cream
2 tablespoons of chocolate powder or cocoa, mixed with a few drops of water into a liquid like base.
Beat all and freeze.

Have a good week and take a moment to think of the chores, responsibility, duties a Mom undertakes, the love she gives you, the warmth of her smile, the acceptance of who you are……………lucky you to have all that.

MOM…you are always in our hearts….the love we have is the love you shared.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, touching and caring. Lucky for you and your Mom!

Seashell said...

Rona - you always say it so beautifully. You've made me shed a tear for my lovely Mum.
Thank you and God bless. Shelli

June said...

so very good and beautifully remembered.
Moms are special!
And we'll always remember them. Bless all their wonderful souls.

And those scones sound so good.
Must try out sometime.

Anonymous said...

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