Monday, January 25, 2010

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In Israel, the malls have a feature on Thursdays and Fridays. You can buy Home cooked foods, ready meals to cater for every member of the family, cakes, cookies, relishes and homemade breads. There are also fabulous gift counters with novelty items for babies, teenagers and jewelry and new "on the Market" items.

One that fascinated me was the tea bags with a difference The company is called "TEA SHAPE" The green Teas come from China and are presented in a ball shape. You just pop the ball into a jug of boiling water and the flower opens and it looks great, has a delightful fragrance and taste You can buy the lovely teapots, glass cups and mugs ,milk jugs and a variety of glassware to add to the joy of Tea Ceremonies..
Call 054 661 4050 for details

.The "Goody's Granola " bar is the brain child of Debra. The granolas are fresh, tasty and with natural ingredients. To find out where Debra sells call her at 052 4393030
Granola is a good breakfast with yogurt, buttermilk, soya milk or even mixed into cut up fruits. If you are having guests for a light brunch, you can serve granola with yogurt and extra nuts and strawberries on top.
I use granola as a base for a tart as well. Just grind a cupful with a little butter or oil and press in to a dish. Put it into the refrigerator for an hour, then fill and bake it

When I cook oats for breakfast, I add Granola when I serve it.
For an interesting Cole Slaw, mix three tablespoons of granola into the salad, as you serve it..
Remember to give kids a little dish of granola for school lunch . It is the best snack with yogurt or with cut up fruit. This is ideal for the office too.

The teas and Granola can be bought at the mini mall of Mismar Hasharon on a Friday morning.


There are great courses for cooking and life style available now
To learn abour "RAW FOOD and GOOD EATING" call Tzionna and experience it all from an expert. Tzionna does great demonstrations, shows you all how to cook and create healthy foods. The courses are in English and Hebrew . Just a great gift for your friends and daughters. Phone 0544 29 66 44 .

For "GOURMET MEALS" life style, d├ęcor and the finishing touches that make a meal beautiful and the home that delights the guests, call ANN KLEIBERG. These fabulous classes have begun and are all about style, elegance and being a great hostess…………………… Anne 04 610 0228 or 054 543 0228 Anne is the authoress of " POMEGRANATES" All her cook books will be available for purchase.

If you live in the Jerusalem area, you can enjoy the "4TH Annual Intergenerational Tu B'Shvat Seder." {eve of 14 Shvat} The seder will take place on Thursday, January 28th 2010 from 5.30 -7.30 pm at the Pardes Institute in Talpiot. The dinner is 15 shekels. Please call to register…call 052 749 9839. EZRAT AVOT and the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies.

I will give you ideas in a week or two for PURIM., but if you need to send a gift abroad, my PASSOVER BOOKLET is available now. I can post it for you, gift wrapped with a message. You can order one now from Rona 09 8827072 or 054 4 827072 .

I wish you a warm, safe week, with time to JUST BE…..

LOVE AND LIGHT………………………………………………….. RONA

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