Wednesday, June 23, 2010



Here we are at the end of a year of learning, studies and hard work. I wish all of you Good Luck in new places, among new faces and different cultures and periods of adjustments

 Keeping cool means more than a splash of cold water, an icy drink or a dive into a is an attitude to life and the daily challenges that we face. Keep in mind the fact that all of us have to adjust our ways, be considerate of others and understand that we all handle crisis, events and life altering situations in totally different ways. Our priorities are based on who we are, what we want out of life, how much will we give unconditionally and more than anything, is how we handle our egos

What you do for your fellow man, for a tired neighbor, a grand child, a friend suffering from loss,  friends fighting illness, post operative stress, grieving for loved ones and even losing the skills that make life your way of keeping your cool and being there when needed. I see old folks who stop driving and lose their sense of where they are. Tired people, who need daily plans made for them, require invites that assures them they are not forgotten.
 Make the extra cookies, a quiche, a few plants in a pot, a bunch of flowers and maybe a new cologne or hand lotion. What one person takes for granted is a thrill for some one else .I once gave a friend some lavender and geranium soaps, that were beautifully wrapped and looked as lovely as the fragrance they had. . Her face was a sight I will never forget. She thanked me by saying,  " No one has given me fragrant soaps for years........................."

 Let each day have time for reflection, to write a lovely note, to walk over to the neighbour, to pick a rose,  to meditate and realize how lucky you are. When you visit old parents, wipe their glasses for them, check if the kettle is clear, tidy the cutlery drawer and all in all make the effort to do things that they cannot do,or have forgotten how ... 

I am taking off time to spend with loving family, my children, grand children and my sister, her husband and close friends this summer. I plan to have a great because no situations will get me down. Pleasant because gossip in not part of my life.
I am planting a garden of positive thinking, lots of dream time to breathe and smile at the joys that make a beautiful world.

Enjoy who you are, the loved ones near you and those far away. Smile during the day. Make time to meditate and listen to music, read a book and plant flowers and herbs. Walk on the beach, in a forest, a garden and in the  circles of your not forget to chat to the dog

Look at old letters, cards and celebrate what a good life you have had. Share an old movie, a new CD and face life with confidence and knowing that the best is yet to be.







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Anonymous said...

Thank you once again for a cool spirit of wise words and actions...wishing you a good summer, and a cool one!