Tuesday, June 8, 2010



I hear people asking each other "what are you doing in the summer?' 
Where are you going and what will you do with the kids?

Lets be real.   ATTITUDE IS ALTITUDE................you can plan and with very little effort, have a great and unforgettable summer.
 Firstly work out what alternatives you have. If your budget, or family commitments, rules out travelling abroad or far a way..................make home a pleasure. Most people have hectic times during the year. You can use summer to hang out, bond with your kids, skip chores and  set times for everything.  GO WITH THE FLOW................
 Pick up the week end papers, city guides issues, local show lists and places to visit.
 Look at the kids and their friends. What do they like doing?   Computers? Graphics? Music? Cricket? Soccer or Rugby? Tennis , swimming and martial arts?  Make a plan to have five or six kids, at each home once a week and invite a teacher to instruct them . The hostess for the day provides lunch and drinks,. It will be stimulating and inexpensive.
 If the girls like hairdressing, bead work, knitting and learning to sew, make a class for them to do it a home. I ran a teenage course to learn cosmetics, beauty and being a lovely woman. Today I know it worked. Some of the girls are lovely Mothers and beautiful women. Cooking and baking can be taught by all of you. After all you create homes and make meals daily.

Look at the nearby places of entertainment and plan some events. You can make a group that go out once a week at night and once a week for a tour during the day. They can visit factories, printers of magazines and news papers, ice cream and food plants, clothing and design centers and of course learn how to make jewellery, do repairs for cars, bicycles and even a paint course and ways to mend household breakages. All these are skills that will always be useful.

For thrills find out the price to go out on a boat, do a parachute flight, go on a mountain or desert tour and of course the Nature hikes and camping all over the country.

Invite family to spend time together. These can be tours to a new place, family travels in the country or even a train ride to another city, museum and a meal together. Going places, visiting new  areas ,finding your way in a city you have never been to,. is a form of growth and learning. Plan a great beach visit for an evening, with lamps and a real fire with a poike full for great food.

 At home you can make photo albums, create toy boxes for little kids, tidy up and do house painting, plan new corners for studies and friends.

Take time to help less fortunate people. Visit an elderly person at a retirement home and read to them, do their shopping or simply be kind. Help with babysitting and offer to walks the dog or help  an elderly neighbors with their shopping and chores..
If you have grand parents or elderly folks in the family, make an effort to really chat to them. They are worth a thousand words.........................

The idea that we trade everything for cash is ridiculous.. When we were kids we did a bob a job.....just a shilling for any chore. It was symbolic and the cash went to the scout movement. But we learned  to be kind, decent and willing to  help another human being. 

I will send a local list next week..................where to go and what to do. Please remember that holidays can be fun if you make them organized, exciting and have a level of real enthusiasm........Enjoy what you can  create to be happy.  Love and light  RONA

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