Saturday, December 4, 2010



When you look around, it is suddenly the end of the year………………………………  I wish you all a good month and joy in the coming 2011.

 Here are a few new ideas for Pot Luck suppers on cold nights. They are quick and easy

Always look for the vegetables and fruits in season.
 I found a vegetable called Jerusalem Potatoes, or Jerusalem artichoke [no relation to the artichoke you are thinking of] My friend  Linda, called me and told me to look for it, as the season is  short for this luscious vegetable. Tastes like heart of an artichoke and it is so easy to prepare. Also check out the zucchinis, dark green ones, large turnips and green Swiss chard, called man gold here


Fill the bottom pot of a steamer. Wash the following. You need a cupful for each guest. So use zucchinis, cauliflower. Sweet potatoes, peeled and sliced Jerusalem potatoes, carrots, a potato, a few chopped green onions and a slice or two of pumpkin. I cut the harder vegetables into smaller pieces and place them at the bottom. The quick cooking ones like cauliflower and zucchini, are at the top. I sprinkle a mix of Italian Herbs and perhaps a thinly sliced onion.Add a little vegetable salt and pepper and steam until all are soft. Perhaps eight minutes.
 Make a sauce of olive oil, add salt and pepper, a little Soya sauce and a teaspoon of peanut butter.  Arrange the steamed vegetables on a platter and sprinkle the sauce over it all Grate a few almonds for the top.  Enjoy.


Use two cups of mixed mushrooms. Slice them Prepare two cups of peeled Jerusalem Potatoes. Slice them into finger size pieces. Add  four peeled and sliced zucchinis.Prepare   half a cup of chopped parsley and half a cup of spinach, a diced onion and two cloves of garlic. Flavor with vegetable salt, pepper and a few bay leaves. You must remove the leaves before serving. I place them in a gauze bag with two peppercorns. 

Fry all the vegetables in a little olive oil for a few minutes. Add herbs and flavors. When they  are a little soft, place them in a large oiled oven dish. Add the chopped herbs and a cup of natural yogurt and   
bake covered for twenty minutes. Serve over a platter of mashed potatoes, brown rice or quinoa. Arrange a cup of chopped chives on top and crushed  black pepper. 


Four firm tomatoes, ten radishes, a red pepper, one kohlrabi, one apple and a red onion. Cube these and mix all in a deep salad bowl.  Add half a cup of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds Bake six large potatoes in the skins. Slice and mix in carefully. Dress with two tablespoons of olive oil, one tablespoon of red wine or pomegranate sauce and vegetable salt, pepper and half a cup of dried onions. Serve  with a large omelets and whole wheat bread and herb butter.
Have a great week

Love and light Rona 

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