Sunday, December 26, 2010



As we start a New Year soon, we always think and plan to do new things that will make life better. If we focus on health, there is always place for changes that will give us energy, nourishment and vitality.


What are whole foods?  These are foods that are natural and complete An example is wheat. It can be ground and used to bake a loaf of bread. Or the fiber can be removed, then the flour is bleached  chemically, treated with added chemicals to enrich the product. Sugars, fats, salts and odd  preservatives  can be added and we have a manufactured item.

Use more fresh vegetables and fruits.  Choose wholewheat foods, less sugar,less salt and processed foods. Any ready to micro or ready to the oven, is likely to have extra chemicals, for longer shelf life, color and a good taste. Take time to read what you are buying. Like you read what is in the oil you fill your car with.

Whole foods are unrefined brown rice, rolled oats, corn meal, quinoa,  brown pastas and wild rice,all kinds of lentils, beans and grains, barley,millet, dried peas and good herbs and spices..

Choose natural milks, yogurts and simple cottage and cream cheeses.Skip synthetic drinks, jellied foods and puddings.Use less
processed meats, cheeses, breakfast cereals, excessive coffees and teas, less alcohol and rich creamy desserts.

Cook and bake fresh meals, not reheated and deforsted all the time. We are all busy and try to save time, but the best way is clever shopping and easy to prepare meals. The family are happy with simpler meals and more smiles and cheerfulness around the table. 

Look for pastas that need a simple dressing, make a batch of baked potatoes and add a few stir fried vegetables.
 Make a large omlette and fill with corn, mushrooms, raosted potatoes, salads of tomatoes and onions, grated cheese and chopped peppers, or simply with a great chunk of bread.

Since  food processing began in  1880, we have have lost nutrients in food.  It made life simpler, but not better.

So  start the new Year with a serious check on what you have in the freezer [CHECK DATES}    what you have in the grocery cupboard and where and when you buy.

Make sure the fridge is sorted out once a week and buy and replace so that dates remain current.
Lastly check that the favorite pan is not treated, scratched or damaged. Use the oven more than the flame.
Cook, steam, bake and grill.

Make the kitchen a family room, let everyone do something and the joys of eating will be simpler.

Have a great week and love and light.


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