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I had the experience of watching the devastation that Cancer can cause, when my late husband, Jeff,endured disease and treatments over a long period some years ago. I realized that the appetite, taste buds, the enthusiasm for food had changed. Each day was simply filled with hope of getting through the day.

What could I do in the home to make the situation easier?

One….make delectable meals. Create dishes that look appetizing.
Two. Create an ambience for comfort when eating. A flower in a vase, two or three ornaments as a centre piece. Invite a friend who is good company.
Three. Make the meal slow, undisturbed by phone calls. Put soft music on, not horrific news in the background.
Four Sit down relaxed and have everything ready to serve. Jumping up and down is not relaxing for the patient. They need lots of attention at these times and tender loving care.
Five Cook in good utensils. Only glass, Corning ware, Stainless steel. Not aluminum or ceramic that might not be safe. Do not use foil. Rather use waxed paper.
Eat irons, spinach, soaked dried apricots, liver and if you are vegetarian, ten soaked almonds daily.
Drink fresh beet juice, carrot juice and apple juice. They are best fresh. You need a small glassful. You can mix grapes with berries and pomegranates and drink this too.
Eat natural anti biotics…garlic and onions daily. I take a whole garlic, cut it in half and bake it in the oven. Then I squeeze out the garlic and place it in a container with a little olive oil on top. This way you can use it on toast, in salad dressing, in cooking and as a spread over steamed vegetables.

Oats, bran, wheat and brown rice are good for you. Remember that at night you might not feel like eating. A bowl of cooked oats, with a few almonds, raisins and cinnamon can be a satisfying meal. You can have soya milk or rice milk over this cereal

Eat by color. You need the yellows, peppers, carrots, pumpkin, oranges, and mandarins. persimmons. sweet potatoes., yams, cantaloupe and squash.
The reds, peppers, tomatoes, berries, pomegranates, red beans, red apples, red cabbage and cherries. and grapes.
The greens. There are so many. Lettuce, cabbage. spring onions, parsley, oregano, basil, mint, cucumbers, leeks, celery, dill, fennel, squash, marrows, beans ,peas, asparagus and kiwis..broccoli and brussel sprouts.

The healthy banana full of potassium and magnesium, apples, pears, egg plants. Potatoes onions, garlic, turnips.. The list is endless.

Have a little of each daily.

Eat slowly Eat seated in a well aired room. Be comfortable in your chair.
Take time to chew the food slowly and do not drink water with your meals.

Drink water away from meals. Avoid caffeine in coffee, teas and skip soda type drinks.
Drink water, lemon and mint. Have hot milk with honey and cinnamon as a night cap.

DO NOT EAT, white sugar, salts, sugars, processed meats, sausages, colonies, and reheated foods. Eat fresh meals.
Replace salts with natural vegetable salts and fresh herbs and use STEVIA sweetener. You can order it in the States from 480 203 2871 . In Israel 09 8827072

Cosmetics that are tested on animals, the additives and chemicals in body preparations. Check your deodorant, shampoos and tooth pastes. Try to use a company that is safe in the way they manufacture. I use SUNRIDER products.
Skip the use of stove cleaners, hair lacquers, sprays against crawlies, outdoor cleaners that are poisonous and the horrific cleaning materials that promise to wipe it all away. All these interfere with our immune systems and when you are having cancer treatment, the immune system needs extra care.

Most important is to be sure to consult with your Doctor re your progress, vitamins, foods and how you feel.

Remember the human body has powerful ways of healing. Meditate, go for healing, be positive and do not postpone JOY. Let each day have its magic and appreciate the sunset that brings the promise of a new day.

Go for walks, smell the flowers, listen to the bird song, chat to the dog, relax often and delight in the small things.

I wish you a good path on the road to recovery. Love and light 

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very true and good advice! thank you Rona.