Thursday, December 1, 2011


The change of season, always wakes us up to the idea of being busy. There are winter plans for roof repairs, drains to unblock and leaves to sweep up. We also have to do a cleaning inside of us. Physically we can do a detox program and spiritually cleanse the mind. Meditate and make time for reading, playing games with the family. Take out the old folks and have a few easy suppers at home Sitting around with no TV is fun. You can talk and look at each other instead of a screen.
Go for a good walk, dress warmly and air the house well during the day.
Change bad habits for sensible ones, less caffeine, acid forming foods, less canned and less fried foods Skip cakes and cookies, eat fresh fruits and vegetable snacks.

Look at my programme for DETOX and Winter drinks for new ideas.

January 3 rd 2011.......WINTER DRINKS.

April 13th 2009 ...SUMMER EATING AND DETOX


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