Saturday, April 13, 2013

Take fresh lavender, fresh orange blossoms and rose petals to keep in a basket in the guest toilet, bedroom  and entrance hall.  We all  love fragrance and it is amazing how relaxing it is in the home. A glassful of tea with sliced lemons and zest of an orange with a sprig or two of cloves, a dash of cinnamon is a  great tea.
Place a   few slices of oranges in a glassful of boiling water and a few pine nuts. Let it stand and drink with a tea bag of a favorite  herb tea.   Green tea with a few sprigs of mint is delicious. Have hot apple cider with a sprig of cinnamon and a few slices of fresh apples.  Any fruit works well for a hot drink.

For the home, keep lavender bunches of dried leaves in drawers of linen, undies and knitted clothes. It is a good idea to put fresh bay leaves in the kitchen cupboard, where pots and pans are stored and in the base of trash cans. Keeps bugs at bay.

I like Natural Lavender oil  to use in a bath. Only use two to three drops . If you have sore muscles, have a hot shower, cold, hot and then rub two drops into the area to relax muscles. You will sleep and have lovely dreams with a little  bag of dried lavender, under the cushion.

I use rosemary  oil to create a fresh aroma in the kitchen and in corners of the laundry. A drop or two of Rosemary treats kiddies hair, if we suspect there might be lice.

Use natural products when ever possible. Check cosmetics and toiletries and make sure they were not tested on animals.

Love and light   ,Rona

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