Wednesday, April 10, 2013

RAW AND HEALTHY, salads and dressings.

 Now Passover and Easter are behind us and we need to re design our eating habits, to feel good and look good. So let us go for salads, raw and quick to make, simple and so colorful and appetizing to look at. Here are a few easy ideas. First, buy what is in season. Learn to choose what grows in the area.Buy at a reliable dealer, so they are organic or as close to healthy as possible. Wash and store carefully. Throw the parts you do not use into the compost heap.

 KOLRABI GRANNY SMITH APPLES, CELERY AND ROASTED ALMONDS IN A HONEY DRESSING. Use two kohlrabi, two granny smith apples, a cup of celery and grate them all or dice into small cubes. Roast three tablespoons of almonds in olive oil with a teaspoon of honey and ginger in it, on a low flame. Mix this all together and serve on lettuce. If it is a dairy meal, cut up tiny squares of feta and arrange over the top of the salad. Otherwise chopped parsley and a few sesame seeds.

 CABBAGE , KALE AND APRICOTS IN A CURRY SAUCE Shred two cups of cabbage, one cup of kale, eight dried apricots, and two cups of grated carrots. Put the kale in a strainer and let boiling water run through it, to break up the hardness for digesting.. Cut the apricots in to tiny slices and mix everything together. Make a curry sauce. Sauté two cloves of garlic, chopped, one large onion ,diced tiny, ten raisins, two diced dates, salt , pepper and a teaspoon of curry powder. Sauté in olive oil on a low flame. Remove form the flame and add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Pour over the salad and serve.

 MUSHROOMS, PEPPERS, CHEESE AND WALNUTS. Sauté two cups of cut up mushrooms, a cut up onion, three cloves of chopped garlic two yellow peppers, cut into strips , salt and pepper and a dash of Soya sauce, in a little olive oil. Place this into a dish over cut up lettuce and serve with a cup of grated mozzarella cheese and chopped parsley. Full of minerals, easy to digest and lovely meal with good , crusty bread and a glass of wine.

. Make a plan to have a vegetable juice once a day instead of a meal, Place it in a dish and eat with a spoon,. Like tomato soup, cucumber soup, gazpacho , beetroot, borscht with some yogurt mixed in. If you eat vegetables slowly instead of swallowing the drinks in a glass, you will feel a difference. It has minerals, , potassium and all the vitamins you need

. Smoothies with celery, ginger, kohlrabi, radishes, carrots and all kinds of vegetables are a must for summer. You do not need gallons, just a glassful a day. Feel free to browse into the older blogs and see SUMMER SOUPS,COLD SOUPS,SALADS and enjoy my ideas that are tested, easy to do and delicious to serve. I do not pretend to have invented the recipes, but after eating as a vegetarian for fifty odd years, I know that my recipes work and increase energy and wellness of body and soul

   Love  and light for a healthy, happy week, Rona

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