Saturday, November 2, 2013

I am happy to inform you that the printed book version of THE JOURNEY OF LIFE by RONA KRUGER is now available in book form (hardcopy).
You can order this from me by sending details of name and address to RONA KRUGER, P.O.BOX 1140, NETANYA, 42112 ISRAEL or to my email

I will post you the copies and wrap it as gift, if it is for some one else. It is the ideal gift for people who have the need to be in touch with their inner selves. Many people and youngsters need to find a balance of the physical, spiritual and mental sides of man. Here are references to life experiences and reading. as a guide to spiritual development.

Please send this on to your email lists, family and friends.
I will post it on Facebook, and ask you to take the trouble to paste it and SHARE it for a few times on your page
I will have a reference to it on, and also on FACEBOOK

Price 55 shekels in Israel and 12 dollars in USA, per copy, including postal charges. Overseas orders can be paid by paypal - contact me for details.

I am available for talks and workshops on this book. Please send your request or call me on the numbers below.

Love and Light,
From the faraway nearby,

Rona Kruger

Rona's website (copy and paste into browser): PHONES 0544 827072 09 8827072 P.O.BOX 1140 NETANYA 42212 ISRAEL.

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