Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Peas are one of the tastiest vegetables. Eat them fresh when you can. Just add them to salads, eat them with soups and as a snack

Many of us use frozen peas. I like to have them handy to add to a quiche, to soups that we warm up and into quinoa and rice salads, pasta dishes and with mixed stir fry vegetables and grated ginger..

When you make a fresh soup, you can strain it all and add the peas for a minute or two at the end. I also serve them with mint and lettuce leaves, just blanched in a pot with a little butter and salt.  Use them over rice, couscous and quinoa.

I love a quiche of two cups of spinach, chopped fine, one cup peas, one cup grate carrots, salt and pepper and  1/2   a cup of walnuts. . two  egg and a cup of cottage cheese.  Wipe a baking dish with olive oil and  place the mixture in without a base. If you like a base, use one. I bake this for twenty minutes in a medium oven and serve with brown  rice or quinoa and a teaspoon of mustard  delicious.

 Rice and  peas, green  spring onions, garlic and  thinly sliced red peppers.   Cook one and a half cups of rice.   Saute the vegetables in avocado oil or olive oil on a low flame. Add salt and pepper and  two teaspoons of pine kernels.    Mix it in and serve hot. Lovely with a little Parmesan on top.

Enjoy fun ideas with split peas too. Always have them handy for soups.  Dry pease need to be rinsed and cooked with vegetables, spices, herbs and other vegetables for a thick winter soup.  You can cook two cups of dry washed peas and when soft mash them with onion, garlic salt and pepper, basil and a grated carrot Add two eggs and makes patties. Fry them in olive oil and serve with pasta, rice or polenta.

Have a great week  Love and light Rona


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