Saturday, January 10, 2015

Winter , colds and  chills.
We all have sniffles, sore throats and runny noses in Winter. The rooms are cold, the car is heated, the streets are icy and we are trying to keep warm.   When we visit the Doctors we are given many antibiotics and we need to realize they help but also  cause other problems.   Just try home remedies and use them daily.

Ginger, lemons, onions, honey, cinnamon, salt,  , garlic , natural fruits and healthy drinks should be part of the winter  foods in the home. You need good fruits and vegetables daily, the  products in SEASON. You must drink water even if you are not  as thirsty as we feel in summer.
Avoid over eating, heavy meals and too much dairy and fried, heavily spiced foods.

Begin the day with boiled water with a slice of lemon and a dash of honey . Drink green tea or herb teas. The  Sunrider teas with cinnamon, lemon and peach are good.  Have  ginger , freshly grated or a ginger dried cubes  in your tea or boiling water. Clears the throat and helps you feel warm immediately  I like ginger with a cup of tea, a few mint leaves and cinnamon.  You can use ginger if stir fry foods too.  Honey, cinnamon and hot milk are good replacements for caffeine and you  can use half milk and half boiling water. Great night time drink.  Nana tea, that is mint with boiling water and honey is a great evening tea. Also apple cider tea. Make green tea, add a cinnamon stick, two dried apple slices and a few cloves. Great to serve to guests You can use commercial but natural apple cider and jazz it up with  apples and and  two  cups of water
 Onion Tea  Cut two slices of onions into boiling water . Let it stand a few hours and sip  two tablespoons  every few hours  Clears the runny nose like a miracle.  I also like an onion near the computer, in the bedroom and kitchen .. Even a basket full naturally clears the air

Gargle a sore throat with salt water, but if it is burning, use the juice of a mandarin.. It is a  great tonic .
 Use garlic in soup, with onions, lots of greens and a little curry to make a warming soup. Use barley, lentils, split peas and dry beans that have been soaked overnight. Chickpeas are good too.
Have fresh salads with dressings of honey, natural olive oil, lemon and spices. Use herbs like parsley  mint, basil, oregano, geranium. lemon  leaves as natural flavoring.
 Natural oats can be cooked for a good breakfast or evening meal. great for kids with honey and cinnamon, or a dab of butter and raisins. Good for old folks too Easily digested at night.

Yogurt is a very good food. Use it at night Helps  you to have good sleep I love it in easy things like
TZATZIKI   250ml yogurt, two  grated cucumbers.,1-2 cloves garlic, 1/2 lemon salt and pepper to taste.   mix all and serve in a small soup bowl with a few mint leaves, hot pittas or wholewheat toast and enjoy.

YOGURT , walnuts and honey.
 Use this as a breakfast Mix one cup yogurt with two tablespoons  chopped walnuts and a teaspoon of honey  For a fuller meal add two tablespoons of muesli.   Great meal.

Yogurt for breakfast, chopped fruits in season and a dash of cinnamon.

Yogurt Cake 300 ml self raising flour, 3ml bicarb of soda, 125ml butter, 250 ml yogurt 3 eggs, teaspoon lemon juice,a  little grated lemon peel,.
Mix self raising flour and bicarb. In second bowl cream butter and sugar, beat in yogurt and eggs  yolks, one at a time.Add lemon juice and the zest  of the lemon peel.  Beat the egg whites  and add with flour and bicarb of soda. Pour in a greased baking dish and bake 180c for 45 minutes.  Cool and decorate with icing sugar mixed with cinnamon.  Delicious the egg whites.

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