Thursday, January 22, 2015


    We all have days in winter when we feel down and under the weather.  First thing is stop and think  what you have been doing, eating, how is your sleep and exercise.  If you feel stuffy, full of mucous  blocked and choking early in the morning with blocked passages, stop dairy foods for a day or two.  Drink more water.  You forget in winter that the body still needs water.  Have teas like Chamomile  Sunrider Fortune Delight, the cinnamon  flavor or lemon, drink  Green Tea, boiling water with a few slices of lemon, mint leaves and honey.
For sore throats and bronchial passages that hurt, have grated ginger, or two ginger cubes in boiling water . You buy these ginger'candies' sugared or unsugared at the health stores. Just  drop two into a cup of boiling water at night, cover with  a saucer. Drink this is the morning, as you begin the day You will be amazed that after a few days the mouth and throat feel clean and fresh.  For prevention of flu have a basket on onions in the kitchen area the whole winter. They send colds out the window. Old wives tale?   It works.

Make light meals in the evening, steamed vegetables, a light omelette  a salad and natural dressing of lemon and olive oil.  Skip  fancy sauces and rich foods. You can have a bowl of oatmeal cooked in water or milk, with cinnamon and a few raisins,   flax seeds and bran. Excellent for the system
Soup is a good evening meal with wholewheat toast, or  brown rice in it.
Eat slowly and with a sense of mindfulness   If you eat at the table, sitting in a comfortable position, the food tastes good and you feel like you have had a meal. TV eating does not give meal satisfaction.. It only lasts until the next food advertisement and then you eat more..
Eat an orange and another citrus fruit daily in winter. Eating the fruit is important  Drinking orange juice is good, but drink it slowly. Let it start 'digestion' in the mouth.

Have bedtime drinks that are caffeine free. Skip the coffee and strong  tannin in teas. Have hot milk, or soy milk  and water, with a dash of cinnamon., Delicious and good. Have the juice of  half a grapefruit in a glass of boiling water wit a dash of honey  Great TV time drink in a tall glass.   Make a treat  Boil water in a pot, about two cups per person, add a few slices of Oranges , grated apple and the peels, two cloves, cinnamon 
and honey.  Strain  Drink hot, lovely apple cider. If you wish you can add a tea bag when it is  ready..

Make sure kids drink water when they brush their  teeth in the morning and evening. It does not have to be a large quantity, but it is healthy for the bowels and general well being.

Make sure sleep areas are well ventilated during the day and keep the kiddies in a bed that the sheets are tucked in., When the duvet slips off, they are often uncovered....

Be happy, be well and have a cosy winter Love and light Rona..

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