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The subject of Sane and Sensible Breakfasts for the Festival of Passover , is a serious subject. Just imagine the scene. Wednesday night is the Seder and then on Thursday, everyone is home, waiting for an interesting breakfast. Them you have Friday and Saturday and lots of meals to plan.
Here are
Fabulous Breakfasts that are sane and sensible, filling and fun too.


This is scrumptious Mix one cup of Matzo meal with two cups of water and a little salt. Cook in a large pot on a low flame for five to eight minutes. Stir so lumps do not form. Then serve with hot or cold milk, with cinnamon, sugar or honey.


4 Eggs.
6 pieces of matzo, broken into pieces.
1/2 teaspoon vegetable salt.
4 Tablespoons of milk.

Melt a few tablespoons of butter in a pan. You can substitute olive oil, if you prefer.
Pour boiling water over the matzo pieces. Drain in a strainer .
Fry the matzo pieces in the butter. Beat eggs, milk and salt and add to the mixture Fry and when eggs are ready, serve with a great salad of tomatoes, olives , cucumbers and cheese. Use one egg at least for eaxh person.


This is matzo with cream cheese on it. You bake it in the oven and it makes a great breakfast with a good beverage.

Use two pieces per person. Mix three eggs with two cups of cream cheese. Mix in a little cinnamon and three tablespoons sugar. Mix well and spread this over matzo that has been "wetted" by dipping the matzo into a bowl of milk. Use a shallow bowl and it is easier to lay the matzo in it. Sprinkle the cinnamon on the cream cheese mixture and bake on a greased pan in a oven of 180 for ten minutes.


This is easy to make and loved by everyone. The idea is to make a good tomato, red pepper and onion sauce. Let it simmer and add tomato puree, salt and pepper. When it "boils " in the pan drop eggs into this and cook until they set. Serve with many slices of matzos.
We ate this at the genuine restaurant "SHAKSHUKA" in Jaffa. It was simply divine and the kids who were with us , licked the pan clean.

ןI use the fresh mushrooms from Tekoa. I find that we eat lots of mushrooms during Passover, as you can have them in a lot of different ways. I use them in soup, in egg dishes, on their own, with vegetables, as a hot relish and with cheeses.

Take two cupfuls of mixed mushrooms. Use fresh one like Oyster, button mushrooms, shitake or Porcini
mushrooms. Cut up and sauté in olive oil or butter with vegetable salt and pepper. Add herbs, parsley and spring onions. I add two yogurts and let them heat through on a low flame. Then I add five or six chopped up black olives and two tablespoons of parmesan or grated cheddar cheese. Serve on matzos that were heated in the oven.

I keep the dry mushrooms as well and use them as needed. Just add water and let them soak until ready to use.

Take a look at my blog for COMPOTE. Cook some and keep it in the fridge for Passover. Useful for older folks and people who find that matzos cause them digestive discomfort.
Dried fruits are useful to have on the table all week. Add raisins and figs, nuts and almonds to the tray.

Breakfast with all the family can be fun. Let it be slow and get everyone involved. Kids can squeeze the oranges, cut up grape fruits, make fruit salads, cook the porridge, cut up salads. If you set the action, everyone will follow. Do not imagine that all the food you served last night will last. They all wake up very hungry and wait for miracles………….it only arrives when you create it all. One kid can make hot chocolate drink; the other can butter the matzo and place it in the oven. Some one else can set the table and believe me, it is worth all the effort. Then finish and take time with a glass of tea and relax…………………….until lunch.

Love and light RONA

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