Tuesday, March 17, 2009

take time to think, go within


We are all moving at a pace in this busy world. We hear information all day. We see many people and exchange words, eat a hasty sandwich together, share a ride, and wave hi as we enter the drive way. The bus, the train ride, the streams of traffic take us here and there…………………and at the end of the day….how much did you absorb? Did you absorb what you heard, can you repeat the news of the day? Did you stop, turn off the TV and radio, to listen to your kids? It’s a fact, we are so plugged in to the movement of life, that time to think is a luxury.

Stop and smile. Smile and listen. Hear the birds call and find crumbs for them. Notice the hungry and give food. All the animals and pets need attention and sweetness. They share intimate and private moments with you. They see you low, sad and tired. Respect them.
Give your family the time to complain, explain and simply let them trust that you will listen. We forget that everyone is battling with issues of their own. Just be there…………….

I do some meditation and find comfort in going within, breathing deeply and sharing
Time with myself. We all have too many currents around us. TV, phones, micro ovens, alarm clocks, DVDs wake up calls, reminder signals, beeps from the computer, oven bells ringing, whistling kettles and the kids yelling. STOP it all and be still. Unplug unnecessary electrical units, especially in the bedroom. Sleep with dreams, not bells and

Our earth is made up of energy. The light energy is around us. Let it reach you and embrace you. Understand you are part of a large world and each of us is blessed with the moments each day to feel unconditional love and warmth
Reach out and help less lucky people. Be aware that some members at the office are not having an easy day. Everyone need a little attention and love. Respect the level of other people's ability to cope. They try and we need to have the grace to be gentle.. When you make space for others , you are creating a better world..

Tomorrow is a new day. I send you a sunset of beauty and in it see the promise of a new dawn. Think of how you can create the new day to be good for you and those you love. Give love, give time and give a friendly smile. You have abundance within you, an endless supply of good. Do not waste the gift of life, of joy and of gentle grace.


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Anonymous said...

So Beautiful...sending you a sun rise back,,,thank you!mk