Thursday, April 5, 2012


These scrumptious fruits are best eaten many fruits they are digested best when eaten alone. Fruits are not always good after proteins and heavy carbohydrate meals.


Wash and hull the fruits Leave on a paper napkin to dry. I arrange them in a bowl and sprinkle two to three drops of Balsamic vinegar over them and serve.

Have a great breakfast Cut up ten strawberries, sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon and mix with yogurt and a cut up banana. Lovely light breakfast.

Make a great fruit salad with all the fruits in season. Arrange in layers and have a plateful with pomegranate or grenadella or passiflora pips.

Strawberry Jam. I cut up four cups of strawberries, add the juice of one lemon, half a cup of brown sugar and let it stand for a few hours. Add a teaspoon of cherry liquor...optional Then I cook it all in a double boiler for an hour.
Makes a lovely jam or coulis to serve with custard or ice creaM.

Salad Delight. Cube ten strawberries, two peeled apples, two peeled kohlrabi and half a cup of mint leaves. Squeeze half a cup of orange juice and add this Serve with a little balsamic vinegar, olive oil and grated goats cheese. All you need is a lovely platter to arrange this on lettuce leaves and a chunky bread, glass of wine and a slow easy relaxed hour. Enjoy.

Strawberry smoothie. Blend strawberries, any other berries, a banana and some pomegranate pips in a tall glass. Pour over some buttermilk and grated almonds This is a lovely smoothie to eat as a meal. We do not need to drink concentrated juices and fruits in a quick go. Let the digestion begin in the mouth Savor the taste, relax and enjoy the meal.

Have a lovely week Rona'

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